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Not Fooling Around Update


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04-15-2022 • UPDATE

Not Fooling Around Update

Greetings, not so serious people! This is your host Judge for another monthly update. Don't get distracted by my Lunatic mount friends, trying to convince the audience that they are cuter than Porings, and get ready for our next update. This month we've prepared highly requested events, new costumes, Gift Shop, and some sweet quality of life improvements.

Maintenance countdown: [0:21:20:18] Not Fooling Around Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


Screenshot Contest


How was your Pet Egg grinding in our Gotta Catch 'Em All event? Did you find the one you were looking for?

Share a screenshot of you and your pet on social media and tell us one of your best memories you have with it. Don't forget to use the #OriginWorld!


The 3 most liked posts will receive the Traveling Time mount firsthand!

Submissions end at: 04-28-22 23:59 (server time)
The winning posts will be announced on April 30th.

Submit it here



New Events

15 Days Check-in Gift


Our new attendance event includes the Volunteer Baseball set, Gear Blueprints, Card Fragments and much more. You don't want to miss a day.

  • Premium Sign-in cost: $7.49 / R$37,49
  • How to top-up? Please contact the Agent closest to your region. You can also find them in our Guilded's #top-up channel. They are authorized re-sellers.
  • Costume content:
    • Day 3 (Free): Rabbit Beard (face piece);
    • Day 5 (Free): Angled Glasses (face piece);
    • Day 12 (Premium): Fluffy Rabbit Bonnet (head piece);
    • Day 15 (Premium): Volunteer Baseball Hat (head piece);
    • Day 15 (Premium): Volunteer Baseball Outfit (body piece);

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Rainbow Covenant


Spirit of witch from the mysterious Utans implores the adventurers accept the 7-day Trial of Rainbow Covenant, fulfilling her wish that has been made a thousand years ago.

Make a contract with a friend for this 7-day journey, but choose your friend wisely, because contracts can't be terminated. After making a contract, make sure you do your Rainbow Covenant quests every day.

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Warrior's Glory


Joining the Battleground and Arena during the event grants you a 1.5x Medal of Valor bonus and a chance to obtain Warrior's Glory Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 10 [Oridecon]
  • 10 [Elunium]
  • 1 [Dimik Cogwheel] (aka Core-Y)
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Ultimate Extreme Challenge


Joining Ultimate Extreme Challenges during the event grants you a 1.5x Basic EXP and Copper Coin Reward bonus and a chance to obtain the Extreme Challenge Surprise Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 3 [Gear Refinement Pack]
  • 6 [Oridecon]
  • 6 [Elunium]
  • 3 [Advanced Combat Acceleration Candy]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
  • 1 [Advanced Lubricant]
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
  • 1 [Old Enriched Oridecon]
  • 1 [Old Enriched Elunium]

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Endless Tower Challenge


Joining the Endless Tower during the event grants you a 50% increase in regard to the Copper Coins. You have a chance to obtain the Endless Tower Surprise Gift Pack on BOSS and MINI levels and and a small chance to obtain A Gift on the Eve of EP2.0 on levels 5 and 10.

 From our time machine, one of the most beloved events of EP 2 is back! That's your moment to grind the so much needed Zeny.

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Deviruchi’s Offer


During the event, you can claim 5 Deviruchi Vouchers every day. This daily reward resets at 05:00 every day. Vouchers that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit. Also during the event, the chances of finding the Deviruchi Hat Blueprint while rescuing Deviruchi are 30% higher.

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Commission EXP Revelry


During the event, Daily Commissions give extra Base and Job EXP. Newbies, this event – combined with the server level bonus – can be a solid boost for you to reach the top!

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022

 Mythical Spoils (Special)


Similar to Gotta Catch 'Em All, during the event, killing demons has a small chance of dropping Resolve of Valkyrie, Protection of Valkyrie or Blessing of Valkyrie. By sacrificing one of those items at Shienfant (Prontera), you can redeem one Valkyrie's Gift, that has a chance of dropping Mythic Crystals.

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Returning Recruitment


The recruiter (an active player) can establish a recruitment link with a returning player at the recruitment link NPC (South Prontera). After your link has been established, both the recruiter and the returning players are able to do quests. Complete the quest to earn a generous reward. Recruiters can recruit up to 5 returning players at the same time. After a returning player completes all the Activity Quests, the recruiter is allowed to recruit another returning player, up to 8 returning players in total.

Attention! Once bound to a player, you can't cancel your link with this player until the end of the event.

Please also remember that you can invite friends by using your character ID as referral ID on the account creation page to get Recruitment Coins, but please note: you can only have one referred account per IP; additional accounts in the same IP are invalid to the referral system.

To check your referral list, sign in with your account in our console, under the "Referral" tab. Referred accounts will only appear in your list after the invited player creates one character.

Event duration: 04-15-2022 to 05-15-2022


Events Adjustments

  • Baseball Battle Pass claim time fixed.




RO Shop > Errand House > Copper Coin

  • Beginner Seal Removal Scroll's weekly purchase limit increased: 5 → 7

We're often asked why we don't adjust the cost of removing cards, transferring refine and enchantments, or why we haven't removed it completely from the game, as we often make changes that inspire exploration and alternative builds.

The fact is, for every change we make to the game, we need to be extremely careful not to make it too distant from the original version. Keeping changes within safe margins allows us to implement new episodes with less friction and ensure that the server is always up to date.


RO Shop > GIFT Shop


April's Gift Shop offers an essential boost of strength for those who have just started their adventure or have not yet reached the pinnacle of their job. If your resources are limited, we recommend that you skip other paid Catnip packages and focus on the Big Enhancement Upgrade Gift Box that costs 1,750 Catnips. Of course, be sure to collect the free packs every week.


Isabel (Prontera) > Fashion Redemption Shop


  • Night Butterfly added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Butterfly Gentleman Bowler Hat added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Butterfly Kiss added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Night Fairy Wing added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Night Fairy added
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Chestnut Hat added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Pine Cone Hat added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Small Lightning Sticker added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Yummy Chestnut added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Cat’s Table Fork added
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Chestnut Outfit added
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100000*[Zeny]


  • Helm Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Biretta Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Feather Bonnet Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Mage’s Hat Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Grief for Greed Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]


  • Pirate Bandana Blueprint added
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50000*[Zeny]

  • Cool Monster Skateboard removed

  • Edit: Promethean Crown removed

I once heard that the endgame of every MMORPG is fashion. There is a grain of truth in that. Allowing costumes to be job-specific is limiting creativity. If you wanted to wear one job-specific costume before, but couldn't, that's your chance.



Guild Hall > Guild Vending Machine


  • Skateboard (15 days) added
    Price: 1,000 [Contribution]

    Purchase limit: 1/Week




  • Angeling's base HP increased: 100% 235%*
  • Golden Thief Bug's base HP increased: 100% 230%*
  • Deviling's base HP increased: 100% 222%*
  • Orc Hero's base HP increased: 100% 220%*
  • Maya's base HP increased: 100% 219%*
  • Orc Lord's base HP increased: 100% 216%*
  • Goblin Leader's base HP increased: 100% 214%*
  • Drake's base HP increased: 100% 213%*
  • Eddga's base HP increased: 100% 212%*
  • Mistress' base HP increased: 100% 211%*
  • Osiris' base HP increased: 100% 209%*
  • Phreeoni's base HP increased: 100% 190%*
  • Moonlight Flower's base HP increased: 100% 186%*
  • Dracula's base HP increased: 100% 183%*
  • Doppelganger's base HP increased: 100% 180%*
  • Pharaoh's base HP increased: 100% 179%*
  • Baphomet's base HP increased: 100% 176%*
  • Chimera's base HP increased: 100% 172%*
  • Owl Baron's base HP increased: 100% 170%*
  • Bloody Knight's base HP increased: 100% 168%*
  • Dark Lord's base HP increased: 100% 165%*
  • Hatii's base HP increased: 100% 162%*
  • Stormy Knight's base HP increased: 100% 160%*
  • Time Holder's base HP increased: 100% 158%*
  • Tao Gungka's base HP increased: 100% 155%*
  • Mutant Dragon's base HP increased: 100% 148%*
  • Atroce's base HP increased: 100% 145%*
  • Ifrit's base HP increased: 100% 135%*

Making sure that MVP battles are epic experiences on a server with such a diverse population is rather complex. After analyzing MVPs data, such as kill time, player death, success/failure rates, etc., we realized that MVPs die much faster than ideal.

With that in mind, we decided to boost MVPs' HP, making sure that MVP battles are still familiar to players (no unwanted surprises) and that adventurers who challenge MVPs solo can still manage to maintain their dangerous lifestyle. (What? I'm not Judging)

* The resulting percentages are meant to easily represent the buff each MVP received. For example: Angeling had a 135% HP increase, while Ifrit had 35%. In-game you will see new HP values as 100% for all MVPs, regardless of the buff.



Quality of Life

Kafra Shop

  • Spirit Dew can now be sold for 1,000 [Copper Coin]

You asked and we answered. Spirit Dew can now be sold at Kafra Shops.


Proof of Union

  • Daily limit increased: 750 → 5250. Weekly limit remains the same.

Removing the daily Proof of Union cap allow you to better plan your time in the game. If you don't have as much time to play on workdays, you can now cap it on weekends.



  • Bonesteed of War mount speed increased: 150% → 230%
  • Deviruchi Tandem Bike mount speed increased: 140% → 220%
  • Hugging Bear mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Throne of the Mummy mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Shark Bully mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Swimming Duck mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Moon Trojan mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Split Mushroom mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Reindeer Motorcycle mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Awesome Pumpkin Cart mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Googoo Chicken mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Floating Motorbike mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Princess Shell mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Celebration Reindeer mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Model RO-037 mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Traveling Time mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Magic Ball mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Thriller Scarecrow mount speed increased: 140% → 210%
  • Poring String mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Educated Whisper mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Whisper Swing mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Crying Burger mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Bubble mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Bubu mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Gigi mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Daodao mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Cool Monster Skateboard mount speed increased: 140% → 200%
  • Magic Flying Broomstick mount speed increased: 140% → 200%

By increasing mount speeds, we want you to spend less time moving between points (although the view is beautiful) and more time on what matters, which are the adventures you and your friends will experience together.



Weekly Events

Weekend Feast

  • Time changed: 20:00-20:20 → 21:00-21:20


Siege Battle

  • Time changed: 20:50-22:00 → 21:50-23:00
  • Prontera's second castle (Fadegreen) closed.
  • Castles ownership removed.

After the server time change, due to the Daylight Saving Times, we realized that the time of these two events has become prohibitive for SEA players. This time change will make the events to happen at the same time as before the DST.

Attention! Due to the time change, the next Siege Battle has been cancelled. We will send the Winning Box reward by mail to everyone on the day of the event.



What's Next?


We know you're excited to know when we'll roll out Rogue, name change, new gear, accessories, regions, and costumes. We feel the same way.

If you've been with us for a while, in this nearly 1-year journey, you know we usually implement new episodes two months after their release in Korea. That hasn't changed; we remain committed to this deadline.

Why does it take so long?

At Origin World, we believe that the player experience always comes first. As such, we always take the time to ensure that everything is at the level our players deserve. This is time-consuming, but to respect the time you devote to our server, we need to make sure it won't be wasted on bugs and technical problems.



Top-up Promotion

Easter Egg

From 04-17-22 00:00 to 04-24-22 23:59 (server time), when purchasing any standard Catnips Package with one of our Top-up Agents, you will get 1 Very Uncommon Random Pet Egg (worth 9,000 Catnips) completely free, but pay attention to the rules:

  • Special Deals, Premiums, Battle Passes, and Kafra VIP are not part of this promotion;
  • This promotion is not cumulative and each player can only receive 1 Very Uncommon Random Pet Egg. If you have received it already, any additional request under your character ID is denied;
  • To participate, after the purchase, inform your character IDs to your agent;
  • If your request is denied for any reason, you can't submit a new one, so please make sure you get the rules right;
  • Edit: Minimum purchase $20 ($19.99 package eligible);



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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