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Early Spring Update


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03-15-2022 • UPDATE

Early Spring Update 💮

The winter is coming to its end, and the flowers are blooming. Walk with me through colorful and sweet fields as I tell you what's new with our Early Spring Update. Spoiler: There are new events, new mount, new battle pass, and several quality of life changes waiting for you ahead!

Maintenance countdown: [0:00:00:00] Early Spring Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


New Battle Pass


Baseball Battle Pass

The 2022 Major League Baseball season is expected to begin by April 7, but you can already prepare your characters for the event. Oh, don't forget the bat, available in the Battle Pass store. During the Battle Pass Duration, you have a small chance of dropping [Baseball Small Gift Box].

We decided to add [Baseball Small Gift Box] to our world drop system to ensure that F2P players have better opportunities in the Battle Pass store.

Event duration: 05-15-2022



New Mounts



Model RO-037

  • Location: Lottery Festival in Spring
  • Price: may vary (RNG-based)

A great advancement of the industrial civilization. It’s both safe and efficient... well, if it doesn't explode.

Fun fact: RO-037 is Blitzcrank's younger brother.



New Events

Lottery Festival in Spring


Can you smell it? The sweet scent of Sakura petals?

Important: Due to a bug in our client, this new Lottery needs 5 [Love Candy] to work. In RO Shop > Popular Items, you will find the [Love Candy] needed for the event, in addition to the [Lantern] that you use to unlock items in the lottery. That is, you need 5 [Love Candies] to activate the lottery draw button + X [Lantern] that is consumed every time you draw a prize. Be careful not to recycle the [Lantern] or other event items into [Zeny].

Demo Video

Judge pro tip: This set harmonizes really well with the previous Battle Pass.

Event duration: 05-15-2022


Veins Strategic Battle


Go to the ruins of Veins, fight the hostile forces, collect [Salt Stake Fragment], and use them to redeem generous rewards!

One of the most fun PvP events in ROO is back, and, with it, massive player vs GM matches. Don't miss this out, as this event is only available until March 31st.

Event duration: 03-31-2022


Bingo Game


Join Daily Events, obtain Digital Chests, enable digits, achieve Bingo, and win big prizes, this time with an exclusive back costume!

Highly requested, the Bingo Game is back. Use this event to meet new friends while sharing spare numbers with other Adventurers.

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Malangdo Bumper Harvest Festival



The golden autumn is the time of harvest. This time, the Meow Meows from Malangdo brought even more supplies to the players as gifts.

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Enchantment Operation


During this event, complete Enchantment quests to earn rewards and Enchantment Operation Points! Enchantment Operation Points can be exchanged for additional rewards!

Note 1: This is a one-time event, which means that if you already completed it the last time it was activated, you can't do it again.
Note 2: This event ignores off-hand gear.

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Refinement Operation


During this event, complete Refinement quests to earn rewards and Refinement Operation Points! Refinement Operation Points can be exchanged for additional rewards!

Note 1: This is a one-time event, which means that if you already completed it the last time it was activated, you can't do it again.
Note 2: This event ignores off-hand gear.

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Union Operation


During the event, assisting other players will reward you an additional 100% [Proofs of Union]. Start assisting players now, this is your best chance to unlock the incredible [Crying Burger] mount!

Note: Due to the difference in the Battle Pass, this event doesn't include [Carnival Commemorative Coin].

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Gotta Catch 'Em All! (Special)


During the event, killing demons has a small chance of dropping [Unknown Random Pet Egg]. By hatching this egg, you can obtain pets of any rarity, including tier S pets, with a extremely low drop rate.

Also during the event, you can redeem 99 [Pet Egg - Lunatic] or 99 [Pet Egg - Vocal] for 1 [Rabbit Pipe] or 1 [Street Artist Hat], respectively. Check "Craft/Synthesis" down bellow.

Event duration: 04-15-2022


Endless Tower King (Special)

Event duration: TBA


Events Adjustments

  • Stay Online for Rewards: 03-31-2022 → 12-31-2022




RO Shop > GIFT Shop

GIFT Shop reactivated with March packages:

  • March Login Gift Box
  • March Enhancement Gift Box
  • March Card Gift Box
  • March Cogwheel Upgrade Gift Box I
  • March Accessory Enhancement Gift Box

Event duration: 04-15-2022 03-31-2022


RO Shop > Popular Items Shop

  • [One Lantern] added
    • Price: 40 [Catnip]
    • Purchase limit: 368
      Required for Spring Lottery draws. Be careful not to recycle the [Lantern] or other event items into [Zeny].
  • [One Love Candy] added
    • Price: 1 [Catnip]
    • Purchase limit: 5
      Required for to unlock the Spring Lottery draw button. Keep it in your backpack while drawing items in the Lottery.


RO Shop > Appearances Shop


  • [Wedding Tiara Blueprint] added
    • Price: 900 [Catnip]
      The [Wedding Tiara] can be crafted at Grace (Prontera). Requirements: 1 [Wedding Tiara Blueprint], 150 [Rainbow Powder], 7 [Pearl], 30 [Sapphire], 30 [Amethyst], 1,200,000 [Copper Coin]
  • [School Bowtie Hat] removed
  • [Cute Glasses] removed
  • [Ice Cream] removed
  • [School Umbrella] removed
  • [School Uniform] removed


Isabel (Prontera) > Fashion Redemption Shop


  • [Promethean Crown] added
    • 999 [Strange Fashion Coin], 999 [Zeny]
    • Availability: 05-15-2022


  • [Dimension Ring] added
    • 999 [Strange Fashion Coin], 999 [Zeny]


  • [Butterfly Cluster] added
    • 300 [Strange Fashion Coin], 50,000 [Zeny]
  • Time-Space Love Costume Gift Box
    • Price: 1,350 [Strange Fashion Coin], 250,000 [Zeny]
      Contains every set piece of the previous Battle Pass.
  • [School Bowtie Hat] added
    • 300 [Strange Fashion Coin], 50,000 [Zeny]
  • [Cute Glasses] added
    • 300 [Strange Fashion Coin], 50,000 [Zeny]
  • [Ice Cream] added
    • 450 [Strange Fashion Coin], 100,000 [Zeny]
  • [School Umbrella] added
    • 450 [Strange Fashion Coin], 100,000 [Zeny]
  • [School Uniform] added
    • 600 [Strange Fashion Coin], 100,000 [Zeny]
  • [Dreamwalk Blinker] removed
  • [Claw Spoon] (duplicated) removed


Iverrios (Alberta) > Headgear Redeem Shop


  • [Magistrate Hat] added
    • 10 [3 Carat Diamond], 300 [Rainbow Powder], 1 [Agate], 1 [Gold], 900 [Soft Feather], 3,000,000 [Copper Coin]


  • [Kafra Band] (blue recolor) added
    • Cost: 8 [2 Carat Diamond], 300 [Rainbow Powder], 4 [Heroic Emblem], 30 [Proof of Orc Warrior], 1,200,000 [Copper Coin]


  • [Popsicle] added
    • Cost: 4 [1 Carat Diamond], 250 [Golden Powder], 2 [Yggdrasil Seed], 6 [Sweet Bananas], 300,000 [Copper Coin]


  • [Chocolate Bar In Mouth] added
    • Cost: 4 [1 Carat Diamond], 250 [Golden Powder], 2 [Yggdrasil Seed], 6 [Sweet Bananas], 300,000 [Copper Coin]


  • [Piggy Mask] added 
    • 1 [Flu Mask], 16 [Cracked Diamond], 310 [Golden Powder], 6 [Scarlet Dyestuffs], 300,000 [Copper Coin]
      This is the first step to revive some old stores in the game. You can expect more of this in the future. 





  • [Cat Sun Hat] added
    • Cost: 25 [Special Tuna Kebab ★★★]
      Malangdo's Meow Meows are offering a [Sun Cat Hat] for those who offer them the best Tuna-based dish in Rune-Midgarts.


  • [Mustache Pacifier] added
    • Cost: 5 [Baby Pacifier]


  • [Rabbit Pipe] added
    • Cost: 99 [Pet Egg - Lunatic]


  • [Street Artist Hat] added
    • Cost: 99 [Pet Egg - Vocal]
      We are exploring some possibilities to make the Synthesis system more attractive and fun.



Quality of Life

Kafra VIP Pack 1

  • 5 [Lucky Gear Farming Candy] → 5 [Super Lucky Farming Candy]
  • 5 [Combat Acceleration Candy] → 5 [Super Combat Acceleration Candy]
  • 2 [Ether Factor Supplement Card] 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]


Kafra VIP Gift Pack

  • 50,000 [Copper Coins] → 500,000 [Copper Coins]
  • 1 [Authoritative Badge] → 5,000 [Zeny]

We are adjusting both the free and paid rewards of Kafra VIP to better fit the server's state.


Event > MVP

  • MINI's daily reward limit increased: 5 10
  • Elite's daily reward limit increased: 5 10

You asked. We listened. MINI's and Elite's daily rewards were doubled.


Event > Helheim

  • Daily run limit increased: 2 3
  • Weekly run limit increased: 8 → 9

We know that many of you can't play on daily-basis. With that in mind, we are adjusting the daily and the weekly HHH limits to allow players to reach it in 3 days instead of 4, as it was previously. We will try to make adjustments like this for other events in the future.


Event > Battle of Yggdrasil

  • Weekly run limit increased: 2 3

As one of the events with the highest attendance rate in the game, we believe that Battle of Yggdrasil deserves a higher weekly cap.


Event > Heart Dojo

  • Weekly run limit decreased: 2 1

Unlike Battle of Yggdrasil, Heart Dojo has the lowest attendance rate of all events in the game, so we are reducing its weekly cap to 1.


Siege (aka WoE)

Castle Availability

  • A new castle in Prontera was added
  • Pets disabled

This is a test. We want to see if a new castle can increase the attendance of smaller guilds in our Siege. Bigger guilds, please leave this castle to small and new guilds.



Laboratory (Beta)

Extreme Challenge

  • New time added: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-10:00 (server time)

Beta features may have bugs and inconsistencies.




New Domain

We have completed the transition to our new domain. From now on, console, download page, forum, etc. are hosted on this new domain as part of our rebranding as Origin World.


GM Events

Congratulations, @Koii, on being the server's first to claim the [Tropical Vibe] costume. With this, we're decreasing the price of every Pineapple piece.

For more info, please check:




Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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