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Devotion Special Update


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02-14-2022 • UPDATE

Devotion Special Update Patch Notes

Greetings, Lovers! This is your host Judge for another Special Update. On this update, you have new events, mounts, costumes, and several quality-of-life improvements! Hold my hand while I tell you what we've prepared for you.

Maintenance countdown: [0:16:32:51] Devotion Special Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


New Events

Warrior's Glory


Joining the Battleground and Arena during the event grants you a 1.5x Medal of Valor bonus and a chance to obtain Warrior's Glory Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 10 [Oridecon]
  • 10 [Elunium]
  • 1 [Dimik Cogwheel] (aka Core-Y)
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]

Event duration: 03-15-2022

Helheim Racing


During the event, participate in the Helheim Disturbance gameplay and do your best to get the fastest speedrun record!

Event duration: 03-15-2022

Treasure Hunter


Become a Treasure Hunter and discover treasures hidden in the mysterious monsters. There’s a chance to find surprise rewards as well!

Event duration: 03-15-2022

Battle Buffet


During the event, slaying monsters gives a chance of dropping the “Love at First Sight Steak” and the “Love at First Sight Pudding”.

Event duration: 03-15-2022

Matching Hearts ❤️


  • From 02-14-2022 00:00 to 02-20-2022 23:59 (server time), when purchasing any standard Catnips Package with one of our Top-up Agents, you and your loved one will receive an exclusive Portrait Frame, the [Nyan Friend]! Your loved one also receives 20% of the total amount purchased by you in Catnips. In other words, if you buy the 38,212 Catnips Package, your loved one receives 7,642 Catnips completely free, but pay attention to the rules:
    • Special Deals, Premiums, Battle Passes, and Kafra VIP are not part of this promotion;
    • This promotion is only valid for your first purchase within the promo period. If you purchase 38k Catnips, your partner will receive 7.6k Catnips. If you decide to make another purchase (even if on the same day), your partner gets no bonus from this second purchase;
    • Each player can only receive this bonus once. If you have received it already, any additional request under your character ID is denied;
      • To further illustrate this, imagine that player A listed player B as his/her sweetheart and player B has listed player A as his/her sweetheart. They both bought the 38k Catnips package each. This way, both receive the 7.6k bonus.
    • The bonus is limited to 50k Catnips, so if you decide to do a 10x38k Catnips for your first purchase, your partner will receive 50k Catnips, instead of 76k.
    • To participate, after the purchase, inform your (and your partner) character IDs to your agent;
      • Your loved one's character ID can't be linked to your account (they must be different accounts). If both characters are from the same account, the request is denied.
      • Both the Portrait Frame and the Catnips bonus are delivered within 36h after you redeem the top-up code in-game.
    • If your request is denied for any reason, you can't submit a new one, so please make sure you get the rules right;

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

To be announced. 👀

Events Adjustments

  • 15 Days Check-in: 02-15-2022 → 03-15-2022
  • Love Lottery: 02-15-2022 → 03-15-2022

You asked; we heard. The 15 Days Check-in and the Love Lottery had their duration extended until mid March.

Lunar Blessing (Lunar Special Drops)

  • R: [Yellow Firecracker] removed;
  • R: [Blue Firecracker] removed;
  • R: [Red Firecracker] removed;
  • SR: [Grab Bag Earrings] removed;
  • SR: [Flower Card] removed;
  • SSR: [Grab Bag in Mouth] removed;



New Mounts


Split Mushroom

  • Location: RO Shop > Appearances
  • Price: 5,950 [Catnip]

This magical species lives on the continent of Rune-Midgarts. When it invites someone to board it, it will split into 2 smaller mushrooms. Try it out now.



Cool Monster Skateboard

  • Location 1: NPC Isabel (Prontera, near the fountain)
  • Price: 900 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 150,000 [Zeny]
  • Availability: 04-15-2020
  • Location 2: Guild Vending Machine (Guild Hall)
  • Price: 1000 [Contribution]
  • Duration: 15 Days

Every teenager has a cool skateboard. Step on the skateboard until 04-15-2020 and sprint with the wind at an exciting, exhilarating high speed; after this period, it will be removed from the Fashion Redemption Shop and will be only available through the Guild Vending Machine.




RO Shop > Appearances


  • School set Added:
  • Availability: 03-15-2022
    • School Bowtie Hat
      • Price: 1,950 [Catnip]
    • Cute Glasses
      • Cost: 950 [Catnip]
    • Ice Cream
      • Cost: 1,950 [Catnip]
    • School Umbrella
      • Cost: 1,950 [Catnips]
    • School Uniform
      • Cost: 3,900 [Catnip]
  • Surprise Party set removed;
  • Childhood Friends costume removed;

Isabel > Fashion Redemption Shop


  • Skirt of Virgin costume added
    • Price: 900 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 [Zeny]
  • Surprise Party set added:
    • Surprise Party Hat
      • Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 [Zeny]
    • Surprise Party
      • Price: 900 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 [Zeny]
  • Grab Bag Earrings added:
    • Price: 250 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 [Zeny]
  • Grab Bag in Mouth added:
    • Price: 300 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 [Zeny]
  • Flower Card added:
    • Price: 250 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 [Zeny]



Quality of Life Changes

Fashion Coin Event

  • Daily drop limit of [Strange Fashion Coin] increased: 15 → 20

Our Fashion Redemption Shop grows each new patch. With that in mind, we decided to increase the daily cap of [Strange Fashion Coin] to allow our F2P players to have a wider horizon of opportunities – and possibilities.

MVP Hunt

  • MVP respawn time decreased: 90min → 60min

With the boost in our population, we realized that we needed to decrease the MVP respawn time to give our players a better chance of reaching their daily cap.

Guild Battle

  • Guild Battle Victory Gift Pack (winning box) adjusted:
    • Contribution: 300 → 200
    • Heart of Guild: 15 → 20
    • Catnip: 0 → 200
  • Guild Battle Encouragement Gift Pack (losing box) adjusted:
    • Contribution: 250 → 150
    • Heart of Guild: 10 → 15
    • Catnip: 0 → 150
  • Guild Battle Spectating Gift Pack (spectator box) adjusted:
    • Contribution: 50
    • Heart of Guild: 0 → 5
    • Catnip: 0 → 50
    • Deviruchi Voucher: 3 → 0

We are adjusting Guild Battle rewards to better fit the server state.

Synthesis (Craft)

  • [Super Titanium Steel] can now be crafted using 5 [Advanced Titanium Steel]

Unidentified Metal Shop

  • Purchase limit of [Level 85 Accessory Magic Chest] adjusted: 1 → 5
  • Purchase limit of [Level 85 Accessory Magic Chest] adjusted: 1 → 3
  • Purchase limit of [Level 85 Accessory Magic Chest] adjusted: 1 → 5
  • Purchase limit of [Level 85 Accessory Magic Chest] adjusted: 1 → 3

We know that some accessories from earlier tiers remain relevant even at higher levels, so we are adjusting the purchase limit for these boxes to let you explore new builds and playstyles.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Catnips from being delivered as Arena (aka Team Deathmatch) rewards;
    • Floor 1: 15 Catnips
    • Floor 2: 30 Catnips
    • Floor 3: 45 Catnips
    • Floor 4: 60 Catnips
    • Floor 5: 80 Catnips
    • Floor 6: 100 Catnips
      • Total: 330 Catnips
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some pets to be active during Sieges (aka WoE);




  • Improved Portuguese (Brazil) translations;


Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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