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Episode 6 Update Patch Notes


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12-15-2021 • UPDATE

Episode 6 Update Patch Notes

Episode 6 is finally here! There are new jobs, events, cosmetic items, pets, mounts, improvements to the quality of life and much more!

Due to various stability and compatibility issues, the support for the old EP5 client will be discontinued after this update, so to continue playing Origin World you must download the new EP6 client at the end of this patch notes.

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


New Jobs

The long-awaited Mages' 2nd and 3rd jobs join the fight against the demons of Midgard.







New Regions & Demons

Elmes Gorge



Kilhair Academy



Norgrod Dungeon




New Mythic Set

Space-time Traveler


The new mythical set can be obtained by purchasing Mythic Crystal Boxes II (Selection or Random), just like the previous sets. If you wish to acquire one of the previous Mythic sets, you can convert new orbs into old ones at an 1:1 ratio at Sievant > Mythic Exchange (Prontera, near the Fountain).


New Mythic Crystal Boxes can be found at the RO Shop for the same price as the old ones.

You can also obtain new Mythic Set Orbs through the Union Shop (aka Co-op Shop) and Deviruchi Rescue.



New S-Tier Pet



Because a Gundam Mythic Set deserves a Gundam Pet.

Cost: 300*[Peco Peco Figure]

Shop Location: Prontera West Gate (Petra, The Pet Master)


New Fashion Redemption Items


  • Pilot Full Set Box
  • Sleepy Rabbit
  • Doctor/Nurse Set
  • Card Love-Spades
  • More



New Events

Sage Bonus


As a Sage or Professor, you can collect incredible level rewards to help you catch up to old classes.

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022

Roll a Die


Complete the daily challenge quest to earn dice. Poring will move forward based on the number you roll with a dice. Whenever Poring passes a reward square, you’ll win rewards. Generous rewards await! Come join the game now!

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-15-2022

Stay Online for Rewards


During the event, stay online for long enough in a day to earn rewards. The daily online time is reset at 05:00 on the next day. Rewards that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit.

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022

Rainbow Covenant


Make a contract with a friend for this 7-day journey, but choose your friend wisely, because contracts can't be terminated. After making a contract, make sure you do your Rainbow Covenant quests every day.

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022

War of Snow Plain


Call on your friends and have a snowball fight together! This mode takes a fun and different approach to the traditional PvP arenas.

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 12-30-2021

Deviruchi's Offer


During the event, you can claim 5 Deviruchi Vouchers every day. This daily reward resets at 05:00 on the next day. Vouchers that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit.

Returning Recruitment


The recruiter (an active player) can establish a recruitment link with a returning player at the recruitment link NPC (South Prontera). After your link has been established, both the recruiter and the returning players are able to do quests. Complete the quest to earn a generous reward. Recruiters can recruit up to 5 returning players at the same time. After a returning player completes all the Activity Quests, the recruiter is allowed to recruit another returning player, up to 8 returning players in total.

Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022



RO Shop

New Gachas (Costumes Shop)

Crimson Horns Headdress Gacha


Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule)
Purchase Limit: n/a
Drop Rate: 0.50%

Cursed Scythe Backwear Gacha


Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule)
Purchase Limit: n/a
Drop Rate: 0.30%

Castle Phantom Costume Gacha


Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule)
Purchase Limit: n/a
Drop Rate: 0.40%

Thriller Scarecrow Mount Gacha


Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule)
Purchase Limit: n/a
Drop Rate: 0,30%


New Special Packages

New Year Special Package


Cost: 988 Catnips
Limit: 1 per character



New Year Limited Package


Cost: 9,880 Catnips
Limit: 1 per character





System & Quality of Life Changes

New Kafra Assistants Locations


To improve our player's overall experience, we added Kafra Assistants at key points, like the Refine Store.

Cat Hand Caravan (aka Cat Top) Hotkey
From now on, when accepting the Cat Hand Caravan quest, a shortcut button will appear near to your health bar, allowing you to access the quest interface without needing to be close to the NPC.

Attention! We temporally removed the Catnips rewards from Cat Top.

New Siege (WoE) Time
We are moving the Siege time to Saturday, at 20:50 (server time), to match our players' playtime habits. This change is also intended to cover a population that cannot participate in the Siege due of the day.

Attention! Due to the recent day change, the Siege of the 18th (Saturday) may not happen.

New Refine Level
Gear pieces can now be refined up to +20.

Hide EXP Option
In the settings, you can now opt to hide the EXP text that appears over your head while farming. We recommend hiding the text if you often farm using candies.

Pet System Improvements

  • Pet Skill Journal was added to the pets interface;
  • You can now set your pets HP/SP recovery option through the automatic recovery device;
  • Pet Medal and Pet Ranking added;

Job Balance Patch
All jobs were balanced based on the last balance patch, released in Korea 2 months ago.

Level 110 Gear
You can now craft and collect level 110 Gear Blueprints/Shards.

Level 110 Rewards
Players that reached level 110 can now claim the Level 110 reward (that includes 3,000 Catnips)

Improved Translations
Nearly every line in the game has been revised or replaced with better and polished versions.

Improved Battery Consumption
The game now consumes up to 20% less battery (tested with the EXP Hide option active).

Improved Textures
All game textures have been improved for a crispier image on high-resolution devices.



New Gift Code

WELCOME6 (not available before EP6 update)

  • 10 [Lv. 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment] (aka Equipment Shard)
  • 30 [Mythic Crystal Box II]
  • 1 [A-Tier Random Pet Egg]
  • 3 [Legendary Random Pet Gear Box]



Bug Fix & Performance

  • Improved the game's stability across the board;
  • Added the 2 remaining Lv. 105 Accessories to the Lv.105 2-Slot Accessory Special Box;
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to climb the Guild Hall table;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Homunculi to be displayed correctly;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some iOS devices to properly display over 10 players in the screen;
  • Fixed a bug where the party member pop-up was not opening when tapping a party member while auto-hunting;
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong HP/SP percentages for Mercenaries when moving maps;



New Agent Special Deal

85,000 Catnips (not available before the EP6 update)

Suggested Price: $144.99

Want to top-up? Please contact one of our Agents or do it through ou Console (USDT only).



The Update

Maintenance will take place on Friday (17); the countdown can be found here.

Due to various stability and compatibility issues, the support for the old EP5 client will be discontinued after this update, so to continue playing Origin World you must download the new EP6 client:

Android Client

iOS Client

TestFlight (required for iOS)

Although it is possible to download and install the new client while the old one is still on your device, we recommend uninstalling the old one client before installing the old one.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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