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Mid-Season Update


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08-15-2022 • UPDATE

Mid-Season Update

Greetings, Adventurers!

Catnips are raining from the sky like falling stars. Get ready to confront swarms of monsters to collect this precious resource and exchange them for incredible goods! Gather your allies, equip yourselves, and embark on this thrilling adventure.

Maintenance countdown: [2:07:26:42] Mid-Season Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes



New Wishing Gacha

Universe Star Dance Gacha


Availability: 09-15-2023

In Midgard's realm, a dancer bold,
With stars and rhythm, their tale was told.
They faced demons vast, with steps like fire,
Melodies weaving a celestial lyre.

Cosmic grace in each twirl they'd find,
A dance of power, body and mind.
Through universe's chaos, they'd spin and sway,
With starlit might, darkness held at bay.

Dance with the stars with the new Universe Star Dance set.
Make a wish with 120 Catnips or 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket] before September 15th.

Gold Medal Shop

  • Ear of Dreams added
    Price: 10,000 Gold Medals

  • Butterfly of Dreams added
    Price: 5,000 Gold Medals

  • String of Dreams added
    Price: 15,000 Gold Medals

  • Dance of Dreams added
    Price: 25,000 Gold Medals



New Events

Nyan Nyan Rain (Hidden)


Availability: 09-15-2023

During the event, engaging in wild monster hunts presents the chance of drop Catnips!

Additional information:

  • [Combat Acceleration Candy] (or a higher-grade alternative) could notably diminish the quantity of Catnips obtained throughout the event.
  • [Lucky Gear Farming Candy] (or a higher-grade alternative) does not impact the Catnip drop rate.
  • Higher levels differences between you and the monster will reduce your Catnip drops.
  • The daily cap is 300. Any unredeemed Catnip will not carry over to the following day.

Due to an irregular performance drop from this event, we decided to drop the 3,000 Catnips weekly instead of the 300 Catnips daily.


Desire For Combat


Availability: 09-15-2023

During the event, players can obtain an extra 60-minute Combat Time every day. This extra time does not stack if not consumed.


Deviruchi’s Offer


Availability: 09-15-2023

During the event, you have the opportunity to claim 5 [Deviruchi Voucher] (time-limited) each day. Remember that this daily reward resets at 05:00 every day, so be sure to claim them before that time. Any unclaimed vouchers beyond this point will be forfeited.

Furthermore, while rescuing Deviruchi, the chances of finding the [Deviruchi Hat Blueprint], [Deviruchi Carriage Blueprint], and [Pet Egg - Deviruchi] are increased by 30% during the event. Take advantage of this higher chance and enhance your collection of rare items.


Helheim Racing

Layer 1.png

Availability: 09-15-2023

During the event, participate in the Helheim Disturbance gameplay and do your best to get the fastest speedrun record!


Endless Tower Challenge


Availability: 09-15-2023

Engaging in the regular Endless Tower activities throughout the event bestows a 50% Copper Coin boost. Also, conquering MINI and BOSS levels will earn you gift packs containing several materials, such as Zennies, Card Book Fragments, and more. Notably, our tests have indicated that this event also has a favorable impact on the card and blueprint drop rates.



RO Shop

Discounted Packs


  • (75% OFF) Hot Summer Growth Gift Box added
    Price: 1,340 335 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 2 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 2 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack V]
    • 2 [Level 1 Starlight Silk]
    • 50 [Headgear Crystal]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • (75% OFF) Hot Summer Enchantment Gift Box added
    Price: 7,710 1,927 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 20 [Mora Coin Upgrade Chest I]
    • 10 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 15 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 30 [Enchantment Voucher]
    • 300 [Unidentified Ore]
    • 2 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 30 [Yggdrasil Berry]


  • (50% OFF) Hot Summer Card Gift Pack added
    Price: 35,250 17,625 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 5 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 50 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 25 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 8,000,000 Copper Coins
    • 10 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 30 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 35 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]


  • (50% OFF) Hot Summer Accessory Gift Pack added
    Price: 110,640 55,320 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 2 [Level 125 Strange Gem]
    • 1 [Level 125 Accessory Magic Chest]
    • 20 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 120 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 70 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 30 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 30 [Mora Coin Upgrade Chest III]
    • 1 [Fluffy Bear]
  • Summer Growth Gift Pack removed
  • Summer Enchantment Gift Pack removed
  • Summer Pet Gift Pack removed
  • Summer Cogwheel Gift Pack removed




  • Cat Helmet added
    Price: 1,950 Catnips

  • Cat Warrior added
    Price: 2,
    950 Catnips


Special Shop

Availability: 08-15-2023


  • September Login Gift Box added
    Price: Free
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 1 [Pet Gear Lottery Ticket]
    • 2 [Skip Ticket]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Refinement Gift Box added
    Price: 50,000 Zeny
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 5 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 5 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 600 [Magic Crystal Stone]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Smelt Gift Box added
    Price: 50,000 Zennies
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 3 [Scroll of Wisdom Gift Box]
    • 5 [Malan Small Snowflake]
    • 5 [Malan Small Ore]
    • 5 [Malan Small Waterdrop]
    • 5 [Malan Flower Seed]


  • September Cheering Gift Box added
    Price: 100 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 5 [Divine Armament Blueprint Fragment]
    • 2 [Combat Acceleration Candy]
    • 2 [Lucky Gear Farming Candy]
    • 1 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]


  • September Refinement Protection Gift Box added
    Price: 250 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 5 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Mount Gift Box added
    Price: 450 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 20 [Sunshine Kiwi]
    • 20 [Super Cookie]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 5 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 5 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Card Gift Box added
    Price: 950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 5 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 15 [Legendary Ore Custom Gift Box]
    • 3 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 5 [Skip Ticket]


  • September Accessory Gift Box added
    Price: 2,150 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 1 [Level 125 Strange Gem]
    • 1 [Lv.125 Accessory Random Box (1-2 Slot)]
    • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 1 [Purple Card Gem]
    • 5 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 10 [Legendary Ore Custom Gift Box]
    • 20 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]



Fashion Redemption Shop


  • Red Shadow Ghost Samurai Headgear added
    Price: 450 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Red Shadow Ghost Samurai Face added
    Price: 300 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

  • Red Shadow Ghost Samurai Mouth added
    300 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies
  • Red Shadow Ghost Samurai Back added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Red Shadow Ghost Samurai added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

Judge Precious Medal

Availability: 10-15-2023

Did I miss the ball?

As part of the celebratory launch of Origin World Brazil, the Fashion Exchange introduces the Sporty Soccer set, adding a touch of athleticism to this special occasion.

  • Soccer Hair Band added
    Price: 100 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Dazzling Soccer Sticker added
    Price: 50 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Cheering Victory Whistle added
    Price: 50 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Spinning Soccer added
    Price: 200 [Judge Precious Medal]
  • Sporty Soccer added
    Price: 200 [Judge Precious Medal]



Courage Shop


  • [Pet Egg - Cactus] added (OW Exclusive)
    Price: 10,000 Emblems of Courage
    Availability: 10-15-2023
    A not very helpful, but sharp Cactus. It may look like a ghost sometimes...


  • Balloon Cactus added
    Price: 3,000 Emblems of Courage



Monster Collection Shop


  • Jungle Elf added
    Price: 999 [Sky Deleter Doll] + 2,180 [Fire Element Specimen] + 9,999 Zennies



General Changes & QoL Improvements

Misty Forest

  • Solo mode added.



Monthly Event

Gefenia Speedrun Result

Winners (Shark Missile*1 + Magic Card*5)

  • F2PP (1'13)
  • ShotoTodoroki (1'15)
  • Eunbi (1'19)
  • AgriasOaks (1'23)
  • Psy (1'23)

Honorable Mentions (Magic Card*5)

  • YoHan (1'25)
  • Speroff (1'27)
  • Lucky777 (1'40)
  • IROM (2'35)


  • Byul (video not included or private)

All prizes will be sent within 7 days and all participants will receive a [Judge Unique Medal].


Lyrical Nature

A year following the success of one of our cherished events, the Poetic Nature, we are delighted to present its second season, "Lyrical Nature." While maintaining the same fundamental essence, this iteration offers a unique perspective. We hope you find it equally appealing and fun.


  1. Choose a song that touches you;
  2. Look for a place in Midgard where you feel this song fits;
  3. Take your screenshot with or without you in focus;
  4. Submit your screenshot along with your character ID and poem in #lyrical-nature, on Discord.
  5. Have fun.


  1. Synergy: Screenshot and song that complement each other;
  2. Creativity: You can write your song if you prefer;
  3. Originality: Look at nature from another angle, look for less explored places in Midgard;
  4. Aesthetics: Edit your screenshot, apply filters or corrections, or even write the poem or poem excerpt on your screenshot;
  5. Photography: Angle, framing, sharpness...

Top 3

  • 1 [Adventurer Headgear]
  • 5,000 Catnips

Top 4-10

  • 3,000 Catnips


  • Submissions: August 15th to September 1st.
  • Result: September 15th.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

[GM] Judge


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