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2nd Anniversary Update

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05-15-2022 • UPDATE

2nd Anniversary Update

Greetings, Adventurers!

We’re so happy and grateful to celebrate our second anniversary with you. You’ve been with us through thick and thin, exploring the world, fighting monsters, making friends and having fun.

You are the reason why we keep working hard to make Origin World the best game it can be. We appreciate your support and feedback, and we hope you enjoy the new content and events we have prepared for you.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community. Let’s make more memories together in this magical world.


Maintenance countdown: [3:12:25:09] Anniversary Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes



New Battle Pass

Apple Land Pass


Availability: 07-15-2023

  • Battle Pass Silver: $1.12 (75% OFF)
  • Battle Pass Gold: $2.37 (75% OFF)

It’s our second anniversary and we’re throwing an Apple Party! Get your Battle Pass for 75% off and invite your friends to join the fun. Share the love and gift a pass to someone who can’t afford one. Let’s celebrate together! 🎉

Anniversary Special


  • Panda-go Kart
    Type: Mount (Duo)
    Speed: 230%
    • Agi: +2
    • DMG: +1.5%
    • MDMG: +1.5%

Apple Small Gift Boxes have a low chance of dropping [Panda-go Kart Voucher]. Use 6 vouchers to craft the Panda-go Kart Mount permanently in the Synthesis/Craft page.

While the Apple Land Pass is active, you have a chance of dropping [Apple Small Gift Box], up to 5 times a day.



New Wishing Gacha

Knight's Name Gacha


Availability: 06-15-2023

The tale of the Sad Noble Knight

...flames fell from the sky thundering.
Past, present, future, sundering.
A second of dismay; a life seen slow.
No one would escape that night of woe.
But Uldiemn was unable to die, smile or cry,
So with his sword he began to fight:
Magnum Break! Magnum Break! His voice shouted.
In his last swing, flames with flames he clouted.
I sing you this because in life there is no greater force than death,
Whose will cannot be denied by fate or breath.
Then Uldiemn finally found what he sought,
A shadow of the flames his life cut short.

Don’t miss the chance to get the amazing – and very anticipated – Knight's Name set! It’s inspired by a heroic story of bravery and sacrifice. Can you live up to its legacy? Make a wish with 120 Catnips or 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket] before June 15th.

Gold Medal Shop

Dive into the depths of the ocean with the new mounts [Wandering in the Clouds] and [Octopus Drift Bottle]! Oh! And if you missed the chance to complete your Flowing Light Bunny set, you can still do it with your Gold Medals.


  • Wandering in the Clouds added
    Price: 50,000 Gold Medals

    Type: Mount (Solo)
    Speed: 210%
    • MaxHP: +1.5%
    • Damage to Demi-Human: +2.0%
    • Damage from Demi-Human: -2.0%


  • Octopus Drift Bottle added
    Price: 50,000 Gold Medals

    Type: Mount (Solo)
    Speed: 210%
    • VIT: +4
    • Damage to Formless: 2%
  • Smart Bunny Hair Clip added
    Price: 10,000 Gold Medals

  • Silence Tape added
    Price: 5,000 Gold Medals

  • Agile Rabbit Backpack added
    Price: 15,000 Gold Medals

  • Flowing Light Bunny added
    Price: 25,000 Gold Medals



New Events

15 Days Check-in Gift (Anniversary Special)


Availability: 06-15-2023

Our new 15-Day Sign-in Gift event is here with amazing rewards and two headgears completely free. You won't want to miss a single day.


Incredible Box (Head) / Maneki Neko Headgear


Lucky Tree


Availability: 06-15-2023

During the event, use Wishing Petals to make wishes to the Lucky Tree. Each wishing gives you one of the rewards hanging in the tree's branches and adds up to 10 Luck. Upon reaching 100 Luck, your next wish guarantees 1 [Magic Card].

30 Magic Cards can be synthetized into one [Purple Card Selection Book]. This book allows you to chose one between 74 different purple cards.

Note: Every time you draw a Magic Card your Luck count resets.


Bingo Game


Availability: 06-15-2023

Join Daily Events, obtain Digital Chests, enable digits, achieve Bingo, and win big prizes, like the Angel Bear Ice Poring Backpack!

Angel Bear Ice Poring Backpack


Veins Strategic Battle


Availability: 06-15-2023

The Battle for Veins is back with updated rewards, featuring Core-R, Headgears and more! Go to the ruins, fight hostile forces, colect Salt Stake Fragments and use them to redeem for generous rewards with Morgan (Geffen).

Rainbow Cloud / Unicorn Kite


Minor/Unlisted Events

  • MVP Slayer: During the event duration, you receive 2x activity points when killing MVPs.
    Availability: 06-15-2023

  • I was looking for copper and I found... copper: During the event, you have a low chance of dropping 22,222 Copper Coins while hunting monsters of similar level (requires Combat Time or Freya Blessing).
    Availability: 06-15-2023

  • Make a Wish: Every day, during the event duration you can drop one Gacha Lottery Ticket while hunting monsters of similar level (requires Combat Time or Freya Blessing).
    Availability: 06-15-2023



RO Shop

Discounted Packs


  • (99% OFF) Anniversary Special Refinement Gift Box added
    Price: 20,200 202 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 250 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 30 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 25 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]


  • (99% OFF) Anniversary Special Enchantment Gift Box added
    Price: 21,500 215 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 3,500 [Mora Coin]
    • 2,000 [Enchantment Token Ticket]


  • (99% OFF) Anniversary Special Cogwheel Gift Box added
    Price: 19,150 191 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 20 [Core-Y]
    • 7 [Advanced Titanium Steel]
    • 20 [Cogwheel Lottery Ticket]


  • (99% OFF) Anniversary Special Card Gift Box added
    Price: 16,500 165 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 30 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 50 [Purple Card Crystal]
    • 1 [Purple Card Gem]
    • 10 [Card Lottery Ticket]




  • 2nd Anniversary Celebration Headgear added
    Price: 1 Catnip
    Purchase limit: 1


  • Horned Ram added
    Price: 7,950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1


Special Shop

Availability: 06-15-2023


  • June Login Gift Box added
    Price: Free
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 5 [Lotus Dew]
    • 2 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 1 [Torn Skill Paper Piece]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • June Cheering Gift Box added
    Price: 50,000 Zeny
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 10 [Pet Gear Lottery Ticket]
    • 100 [Mora Coin]
    • 15 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • June Gear Gift Box added
    Price: 100 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/day
    • 10 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 5 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 2 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 3 [Combat Acceleration Candy]
    • 1 [Bloody Branch]


  • June Lottery Gift Box added
    Price: 320 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 1 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]
    • 2 [Pet Gear Lottery Ticket]
    • 5 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 5 [Card Gacha]
    • 2 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • June Growth Gift Box added
    Price: 500 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 20 [Sunshine Kiwi]
    • 25 [Super Cookie]
    • 30 [Wild Kiwi]
    • 5 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 5 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • June Refinement Protection Gift Box added
    Price: 950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 2 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 20 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest I]
    • 20 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 15 [Legendary Ore Custom Pack]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • June Card Gift Box added
    Price: 1,650 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 10 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 20 [Card Gacha]
    • 10 [Pet Legendary Gear Custom Chest]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 2 [Frozen Fruit Custom Chest]
    • 5 [Skip Ticket]
    • 5 [Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box]


  • June Accessory Gift Box added
    Price: 2,150 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 1 [Level 115 Strange Gem]
    • 30 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack V]
    • 1 [Lv.115 Accessory Random Box (1-2 Slot)]
    • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 3 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 10 [Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box]
    • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 10 [Pet Gear Lottery Ticket]
    • 10 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]



Fashion Redemption Shop

Anniversary Box new sets.

Anniversary Exchange Coupon

Availability: 06-15-2023

From 05-15-2023 to 06-15-2023 you will be able to collect the Daily Anniversary Gift for free in our console. This pack gifts you one [Anniversary Exchange Coupon] in addition to some special rewards.


  • Anniversary Headgear Selection Box added
    Price: 5 [Anniversary Exchange Coupon]
    Purchase limit: 1
    Content (select one) :
    • Valkyrie Helm
    • Mech Rabbit Helmet
    • Classic Hunter Hat
    • White Magic Hat
    • Pharaoh Headwear
    • Rabbit Ear Hat
    • Monson Bowler Hat
    • Mech Toy Helmet
    • Matching Hearts
    • Chestnut Hat
    • Num Bandana
    • Poring Headgear
    • Crimson Horns
    • Incredible Box
    • Red Leaf Headwear
    • Snowman Hat
    • Good-smeling Smooth Egg Hat
    • Christmas Gingerbread Star Hat
    • Rainbow Cloud
    • Fox Ear Bell
    • Messenger Cap
    • Tiger Doll Headwear
    • Epiphany Headwear
    • Lucky Straw Hat
    • Golden Feather Headgear/Purple Rose Veil
    • Carousel Headgear


  • Anniversary Face Selection Box added
    Price: 5 [Anniversary Exchange Coupon]
    Purchase limit: 1
    Content (select one) :
    • Angeling Blinker
    • Star& Moon Earrrings
    • Butterfly Kiss
    • Black Wing Monocular Glasses
    • Red Leaf Earrrings
    • Healing Wound Bandage
    • Messenger Glasses
    • Tiger Face Sticker
    • Cogwheel Glasses
    • Spider Web Veil
    • Lucky Clover Glasses
    • Block Heart Face


  • Anniversary Mouth Selection Box added
    Price: 5 [Anniversary Exchange Coupon]
    Purchase limit: 1
    Content (select one) :
    • Ice Cream
    • Blue Sky Rose
    • Peace Pipe
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie
    • Yummy Chestnut
    • Star Sparkler
    • Heart Sparkler
    • Cherry Knot Lollipop


  • Anniversary Back Selection Box added
    Price: 5 [Anniversary Exchange Coupon]
    Purchase limit: 1
    Content (select one) :
    • Deviruchi Wings
    • Little Angel Wings
    • Huge Firework
    • Wings of Time
    • Shark Surfboard
    • Cat Space Cabin
    • Poring Surfboard
    • Moon Rabbit Ballon
    • Magic Heir
    • School Umbrella
    • Night Fairy Wing
    • Cat's Table Fork
    • Blue Cross Sword
    • Blue-stripped Cannon
    • Sakura Wings
    • Cursed Scythe
    • Angel Bear Ice Poring Backpack
    • Fan of Red Leaf
    • Bowknot Snow Shovel
    • Cute Sunny Egg Pot
    • Christmas Gift Box
    • Unicorn Kite
    • Kitsune Mask
    • Sunny Doll
    • Cute Tiger Paw Backwear
    • Donut Backpack
    • Spider Leg Backwear
    • Lucky Clover Bunny
    • Night Feather
    • Game Controller Back
    • Cherry Framing Cone


  • Anniversary Headgear Selection Box added
    Price: 5 [Anniversary Exchange Coupon]
    Purchase limit: 1
    Content (select one) :
    • Devil Team
    • Super Adorable Academy
    • Cruiser
    • Night Fairy
    • Fashion Beach
    • Ghost Gentleman Cosplay Costume/Ghost Bride Cosplay Costume
    • School Uniform
    • Cow Doll Outfit
    • Tribute to Detective
    • Gift of Moon Rabbit
    • Monsoon Commander
    • Chestnut Outfit
    • Priest Outfit/Nun Outfit
    • Castle Phantom
    • Autumn's Red Leaf
    • Snowflake Fleece
    • Walk in the Rain
    • Christmas Forest Elk Story
    • Inari Messenger
    • Messenger Suit
    • Tiger Doll Costume
    • Charm of Spider
    • Lucky Clover
    • Black Swan Love
    • Dessert Boy/Dessert Girl

Judge Precious Medal

Availability: 07-15-2023

She thought the Judge would attack her...

A panda kart deserves a panda set. We've updated Judge's Precious Medal set and made the previous one available through Strange Fashion Coins in case you missed it total or partially.

  • Panda Headgear added
    Price: 100 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Panda Stickers added
    Price: 50 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Panda Backpack added
    Price: 200 [Judge Precious Medal]

  • Positive Panda added
    Price: 200 [Judge Precious Medal]

Regular Additions

Just dab it.

We noticed the Strawberry Bear costume came out earlier than intended, however female characters received the male version of the costume. If this happened to you, write us and we’ll swap it for you for free.

  • Strawberry Bear Hat added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Strawberry Bear Cookie added
    Price: 250 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

  • Strawberry Bear Gacha Machine added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Strawberry Bear added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Thunderbolt Microphone added
    Price: 450 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

  • Epiphany Headwear added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Donut Backpack added
    Price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Sheriff's Hat
    New price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Carrot Crepe
    New price: 250 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

  • Rolled-core Carrot
    New price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Cute Rabbit Sheriff
    New price: 600 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Ox Fortune Headdress removed
  • Baphomet's Horn removed
  • Watermelon Hat removed
  • Ragnarok Fisher Hat removed
  • Platypus removed
  • Eligible Bachelor Card - Spade removed
  • Huge Firework removed
  • Firework Hair Band removed
  • Claw Spoon removed
  • Commemorative Triple Poring Hat removed
  • Clown Mouth removed
  • Party Mark removed
  • General Manager Uniform removed
  • Grab Bag Earrings removed
  • Grab Bag in Mouth removed
  • Cat Whiskers removed
  • Angled Glasses removed
  • Delicious Strawberry Pancake removed
  • Delicious Mysterious Pancake removed
  • Dimension Ring removed
  • Helm Blueprint removed
  • Bireta Blueprint removed
  • Feather Bonnet Blueprint removed
  • Mage's Hat Blueprint removed
  • Grief for Greed Blueprint removed
  • Pirate Bandana Blueprint removed
  • Volunteer Baseball Hat removed
  • Dimension Simulation Battle Volunteer Commemorative Outfit removed
  • Fan Club Headband removed
  • Fan Club Whistle removed
  • Fan Club Uniform removed
  • Lucky Clover Sticker removed
  • Lucky Clover Earrings removed
  • Black Friday Haute Couture Gift Box removed
  • Whirlwind Nag removed
  • Snowman Hat removed
  • Bowknot Ball Earrings removed
  • Doll Ice Cream removed
  • Bowknot Dustpan removed
  • Snowflake Fleece removed
  • I LOVE RO Mask removed
  • Tomato Sticker removed
  • Fresh Small Fish removed
  • Tooth Bunny removed
  • Jetpack removed
  • Cat Paw Nasal Sticker removed
  • Cocky Penguin Bread removed
  • Cute Penguin Bread removed
  • Sweetheart Glasses removed
  • Colorful Ice-cream removed
  • Dessert Kitty removed
  • Sweetheart Kate removed
  • Blue Bunny Hair Cicle removed
  • Handkerchief removed
  • Leather Hat removed
  • Dark Circle Mark removed
  • Evil Mark removed
  • Scarred Mark removed
  • Pumpkin Blinker removed
  • Watermelon Spoon removed
  • Delicious Osmanthus Pancake removed
  • Delicious Egg Yolk Pancake removed
  • Delicious Taro Pacake removed



Monster Collection Shop


  • Innocent Unicorn added
    Price: 999 [Peco Peco Doll] + 2,180 [Holy Element Specimen] + 9,999 Zennies
  • Piggy Mask
    No longer requires [Flu Mask] to be created.



General Changes

Stay Online For Rewards

  • 5 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment] → 5 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint Fragment]
  • 1 [Lunatic Toffee] → 1 [Divine Pet Summoning Ticket]

Kafra's Chest Box (Activity Reward)

When opening a Kafra's Chest Box you now have a low chance of unlocking the magestic Fantasy Unicorn mount permanently!


  • Fantasy Unicorn
    Type: Mount (Solo)
    Speed: 210%
    • MaxHP: +2%
    • MaxSP: +2%





We’re turning two and we want you to join the party! On June 1st, show us how much you love Origin World by posting a message with a screenshot or a short video of your favorite moment in the game. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok to share your story.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HappyBdayOriginWorld and to post your referral link (you can find it in your Console > Referral) so we can find your post.

We’ll pick 200 lucky players to receive the adorable Rainbow Kitting Bidge mount for free. It’s super cute and colorful. You don’t want to miss it!

We can’t wait to see your message. Let’s celebrate together!



Episode 11

Our internal testing phase for Episode 11 has started and it's progressing smoothly. This update will bring you the awesome new Ranger class and many other cool features. You’ll love it! Stay tuned as we’ll reveal more details soon.



One More Thing

We still have one last surprise for you. Check what we have prepared here.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

[GM] Judge


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