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Episode 6 Postponement


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Greetings, Adventurers!

At Origin World, we believe that user experience should always come first. For this, we are constantly working to improve our processes and services, whether by implementing quality of life changes or custom features, such as world drops of Elu/Ori and, more recently, Halloween items. All to guarantee you unforgettable moments in Midgard.

With that in mind, we are committed to releasing new episodes within a month of the official launch; it was like that when we launched Episode 5, and we'd like it to be the same with Episode 6, yet we don't believe Episode 6 is stable enough to launch in mid-November.

If you follow news from the Korean or Chinese servers, you've noticed that several patches have been released after Episode 6's launch to fix bugs and improve the game's stability. The Chinese servers, for example, were under maintenance today to implement another patch, just 5 days after their last hotfix. We share this is to illustrate that Episode 6 is not ready to be released, especially for iOS devices.

In addition to all the bug fixes and stability improvements we're working on, we also need time to validate every past changes we've made along the way to make Episode 6 a seamless experience for you. Taking this into account, we need to push the release of Episode 6 to December.

This was a hard decision for us to make, as we share the same excitement as you do for Episode 6's content, but our commitment to perfection won't allow us to release this new episode before it's ready.

While you wait, we are committed to releasing new content and events as often as ever (including daily in-game events at random times) to fill the wait with joy for you and your friends; so you can expect great stuff for our next update, on November 17th.

Thank you very much for your love and support.
Freya bless you.

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