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Frequently Asked Questions (10.4 update)


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Credits: @arby (koii)@Azari and with the collaboration of other moderators.

Current Issues Under Investigation:

  • Rock Crab shortage with Seafood Merchants
  • When attempting to redeem Kafra Band, Chocolate Bar in Mouth, Magistrate Hat, Piggy Mask, you get an error “Invalid request!!!”
  • Cannot claim Doctor Owl pet

Q: What changes came with the 10.4 update?

A: See below for some listed changes, full patch notes found on our Forum (https://forum.roorigin.world/forum/4-news-and-updates/)

  • You can get stuck while auto-pathing
  • Solo Misty Forest is no longer available
  • Monster Annihilation (Freya’s Blessing) does not automatically add 120 minutes at reset. Instead, you may need to accumulate 100 Activity Points to trigger it to refill (needs further testing). In addition, completing 100 Activity Points will give you an additional 30 minutes of MA/FB. This extra 30 minutes does not carry over to the next day.
  • Monster Annihilation bonus bumped up to 6x drop rate.
  • Guild Hunting no longer available.
  • Low MVPs (Baphomet and below) have been made weaker, but they will only provide a maximum of 50 Catnips upon defeat. For High MVPs, up to 70 Catnips are eligible to be won.
  • With the new backpack management system, several items lost classification tags (ie. Boxes no longer considered Consumables). Unfortunately this is a KROO decision.
  • Battlefield reduced to 3 rounds. The number of AFK groups increased drastically after 3 rounds, leading to an unpleasant play experience.
  • Time-Space guild event revamped entirely.
  • Graphics optimization

Q: There’s a lot of features in the 10.4 update that seemed to have reverted back to before?

A: Correct, several custom features have been reverted to their original KROO state. While most of this will be temporary until they can be rebuilt, there is no guarantee that all features will be returning.


·       Endless Tower and Extreme Challenge rewards reverted to blue Verus Cores.

·       Deviruchi Rescue droplist partially reverted.

·       Arena rewards no longer drop catnips.

·       Ether Cards are rewarding fewer Blueprints.

·       Battlefield and Guild Encouragement Boxes are not dropping Catnips - Please resist the urge to open them for the time being.

·       Daily and Weekly limits of Minis and Elites down to 5.

·       Weekly limit of Yggdrasil Garden down to 2, Duo down to 1, and Heart Dojo up to 2 (but will no longer gives Catnips).

·       Weekly limits of various items across various shops were reverted.

·       Strange Gems from accessory boxes cannot be sold for Unidentified Metals.

·       Cost of daily Gem Fragments to redeem Card Pieces reverted from 3 to 5.

·       Custom Headgear recipes may not be functioning.

·       Peco Peco Figures cannot be stored with Kafra Lady.

·       Bottles and various consumables reverted to have weight

·       Daily consumption limit of Medium Reputation boxes lowered from 20 to 10.

·       Weekly consumption limit of Lucky Gear Farming CandyYellow Candy lowered from 999 to 20.

·       WoE Perfect Defense is unavailable.


Q: There are costumes and headgears with the same description, how come?

A: This is because these items are unreleased content so the description is not yet available.


Q: I cannot spectate during Guild Battle?

A: This may be due to a Domain Name System (DNS) issue, which occurs when part of the network does not properly connect to another part of the network. Simply put, the user is dialing a phone number and getting back a busy signal, causing a failure to connect. Unfortunately, this is outside our team, but keep trying because the error can sometimes resolve itself.


Q: I cannot claim “Become Stronger” and/or Dimension Simulation Battle rewards?

A: Some players could still claim so we have disabled the functions for further investigation with a fix scheduled for 01/15/23. FYI: Dimension Simulation Battle is currently disabled while we work on starting the second season of it [Per GM Judge 12/20/22 1213 SVT].


Q: I completed the last floor of the new Hordor Dreamland but the Reward screen still displays even after my character loads back at Prontera West Gate. When I click Exit nothing happens, and I also can’t move!

A: Complete one of the following options below to resolve this.

Press your device’s Back button OR

Force-close your client and restart OR

Click Challenge Again and exit the instance


Q: My chat box sometimes disappears!

A: We are working to resolve this; in the meantime, the chat box may be recovered by opening Backpack or changing maps.


Q: When I Login, everything is black and I can’t see.

A: There is an incompatibility issue for OPPO devices. Disabling “Black Screen” feature should correct this graphic bug.


Q: How come I can’t react Holy Crossbow to the mythic gear?

A: The fix for this comes at a later patch in KROO and unfortunately is not available yet.


Q: I continue to get EXP but cannot level up, how do I fix this?

A: This is a visual bug. Open the game using a different device or emulator to resolve this.


Q: My character is stuck and I cannot get out of the current map. What should I do?

A: You can force exit your character back to town by doing one of the following:

Login to a different character on the same account and then log back onto the stuck character OR

Create a new character, login to the new character, logout, and log back onto the stuck character OR

Exit the game and remain offline for five minutes;


Q: I finished Guild Cooking but now I’m trapped in the kitchen!

A: Press your device’s Back button OR force-close your client and restart


Q: Why did I receive more fragments after dismantling cards than indicated?

A: This is a visual bug, the amount received is the actual amount.


Q: What are the available codes to redeem?



Q: Can I change the email address linked to an account?

A: No, email addresses associated with an account are bound and cannot be changed.


Q: I forgot my password, where do I go to change it?

A: See below.

Go to the Console (https://console.roorigin.world/login).

Click Forget Password.

Enter your account name, verification code, a new password, and click Change Password to submit.


Q: I encountered a bug not listed here, where can I report it?

-Scroll down to Kafra Help (Technical Support).

-Click on the most appropriate section and Start a new topic.

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