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Origin World Got Talent


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The First Season of Origin World Got Talent starts now!

Do you consider yourself a hidden talent? Feel that you have enough potential to become a great YouTuber, Streamer, TikToker, or even performer (as a dancer or cosplayer) but don't know where to start.

This is your chance to show your talent to the community! During four weeks, the participants will have the opportunity to learn how to create a channel from scratch, how to edit images and videos, do the marketing, engage your audience and achieve the best results with the support from our team, great tutors, and the community.

At the end of the project, the best and most involved participant will become the server's official Content Creators and earn several benefits, including an online course in your field! Don't miss this out. Sign up now by answering the questions below until 12-27-22 (23:59 UTC). The selected participants will be announced on January 3rd. 

Submissions: https://forms.gle/eaLt4BewYizRe9JG7

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We received several submissions from people with the desire to become ROO content creators, dozens of fascinating and inspiring stories that made our eyes shine, and among these people we found the first 5 diamonds! Diamonds that will be polished towards success and that we will do our best to help you in this mission!

Today, January 3rd, our GM's will contact selected future content creators (list below) to inform them about the start of the ROO GOT TALENT project!

Soon we will bring more information about the progress of our new Diamonds so that everyone can follow and stay tuned to participate in our second edition! Be sure to follow us.

1- Mumei
2- Musicka
3- Ghost죽음
4- grinder
5- RaFaelx191

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