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Frequently Asked Questions for Content Creators


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  • Game Master

What are the benefits as a content creator?
- Direct contact with employees and team members
- Access to exclusive communication channels with other talented content creators
- Generous monthly rewards

Want to join our Creators Program? Check the minimum requirements below and write to us. It's important that you have YouTube, Twitch or Facebook linked to your Discord when we contact you back so we can verify your identity.


Minimum Requirements

We reserve the right to escalate the application, such as revoking benefits, forfeiting rewards, banning from the Content Creator Program, and banning eligibility for future community events.


  • At least 1000 followers or subscribers
  • An average of 50 concurrent viewers
  • At least 1 live stream on our server (VOD required)
  • Share our website link in your live streams about the game
  • Stream the game live for at least 12 hours/month (VOD required)

Video Maker

  • At least 1000 followers or subscribers
  • An average of 250 viewers
  • At least one video about our server
  • Share our website link in your live streams
  • At least 2 videos (minimum 10 minutes) every month

If you meet the requirements and are interested, submit your information in this thread.

  • Discord Name (with tag):
  • Subscriber/Follower Number:
  • Character Name/Server:
  • Category: (Video Maker/Streamer)
  • Observations:


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