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Episode 10 Update


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12-16-2022 • UPDATE

Episode 10 Update

The end of the year is right around the corner; time sure flew by. First, we wish an incredible 2023 for all of you and happy holidays.

I won't be able to do the usual overview because there are too many new things, but I need to make two observations: the first and most important is that you will need to download a new client, as usual for new episodes. The second is that although we plan to release this update tomorrow (15th), it may be delayed to the next day (16th) due to operational issues.

In addition, we hope you enjoy everything we have prepared for you in this update.

Android client: [Option 1]
iOS/Mac (M1) client: [Option 1]

• Please uninstall the old client before installing the new one to avoid conflicts.
• If you play on emulator, we recommend installing the latest version of your emulator or using LDPlayer9 or Nox.

Maintenance countdown: [1:09:00:15] Episode 10 Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 4 hours



Constellation Tower Season 2


Constellation Tower's new season is more challenging (and rewarding) than ever before. Get your party together and start planning strategies to defeat your demons as you climb the tower.

  • Emerging MVP monsters and obtainable items were updated, including the new level 130 equipment.
    • Level 130 equipment can inherit attributes from level 120 equipment.
  • During Season 2, clearing the 5th floor of Hell Difficulty have a chance of dropping the unique "Ghost Cat" mount.


Constellation Shop

  • Green Destiny Weapon Option Box added
    Required materials: 20 [Mythical Powder] + 4 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 20/week

  • Blue Destiny Weapon Option Box added
    Required materials: 40 [Mythical Powder] + 8 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 12/week

  • Purple Destroyer Weapon Option Box added
    Required materials: 100 [Mythical Powder] + 20 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 8/week

  • Orange Destroyer Weapon Option Box added
    Required materials: 200 [Mythical Powder] + 2 [Advanced Shattered Crystal of Duel] + 150 [Light of Wisdom] + 60 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 2/week

  • Green Redeemer Armor Custom Chest added
    Required materials: 10 [Mythical Powder] + 2 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 30/week

  • Blue Redeemer Armor Custom Chest added
    Required materials: 20 [Mythical Powder] + 4 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 18/week

  • Purple Redeemer Armor Custom Chest added
    Required materials: 50 [Mythical Powder] + 10 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 12/week

  • Orange Redeemer Armor Custom Chest added
    Required materials: 100 [Mythical Powder] + 1 [Advanced Shattered Crystal of Duel] + 75 [Light of Wisdom] + 30 [God's Domain Armed Blueprint]
    Purchase limit: 4/week

Each box/chest gives you one optional level 120 equipment.



Wishing Gacha

Elk Story Gacha



Event duration: 01-15-2023

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪

Get in the Holiday spirit with one of the coolest mounts in ROO, even for forever alones like Judge.



Valkyrie Feathers & Statues
Menu > Feathers



  • Base Level 70
  • Understanding Valkyrie Feather questline complete

Get Feathers by challenging Helheim Disturbance (Normal or Hard) and use them to build your character in your own way. Try different combinations for each occasion and get yourself more flexible in the battlefields.

Learn more on Mumei's blog.

You can decompose unwanted Feathers and exchange "Statue Down Feathers" for new ones at Elena, in Prontera.


Menu > Statue


  • Base Level 70
  • Understanding Valkyrie Statue questline complete

Statue activations require specific part materials. After activation, you can level up parts by providing the required materials to unlock attribute rewards. Upon reaching three stars, that part can be upgraded to the next level, quite similar to the Card Awakening system.

Learn more on Mumei's blog.



New Events

Guild Gathering


Availability: 01-15-2023

Complete daily quests to receive guild medals. Donate it to the guild to accumulate cohesion and win great rewards!


  • To participate in the event, you need to bind a guild first.
    • The bound guild defaults to your current guild and it cannot be replaced during the event period.
  • The number of bound players in each guild cannot exceed the maximum number of guild members.
  • During the event time, complete the task to obtain guild cohesion.
    • Guild cohesion is used to unlock guild cohesion rewards such as refinement materials and costumes like the I LOVE RO mask.


2x Card Drop Rare


Availability: 01-15-2023

During the event, you will have a 2x chance to drop a card while hunting wild monsters.

Note: The bonus does not affect pity systems, gachas, wishing events, boxes or pool-based items.


2x Cat Hand Caravan


Availability: 01-15-2023

During the event, loading cargo for the Cat Hand Caravan gives you 2x Reputation!

Kafra Membership can get you extra rewards.


Commission EXP Revelry


Availability: 01-15-2023

During the event, Daily Commissions give extra Base and Job EXP. Newbies, this event – combined with the server level bonus – can be a solid boost for you to reach the top!


Veins Strategic Battle


Availability: 12-31-2022

Sharpen your knives. Our GM vs. Players will reach new heights with Veins Strategic Battle!

Go to the ruins of Veins, fight the hostile forces, collect [Salt Stake Fragment], and use them to redeem generous rewards!

The Veins Strategic Shop was reset.


Banquet Revelry


Availability: 01-15-2023

During the event, participate in Guild Banquets and enjoy cuisines to obtain 2x UGC Tokens and Guild Contribution. Meanwhile, you can also earn additional item rewards. And you have a chance to get awesome stuff!


Malangdo Special Supply


Availability: 01-15-2023

The golden autumn is the time of harvest. This time, the Meow Meows from Malangdo brought even more supplies to the players as gifts.


Warrior's Glory


Availability: 01-15-2023

Joining the Battleground and Arena during the event grants you a 1.5x Medal of Valor bonus and a chance to obtain Warrior's Glory Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 10 [Oridecon]
  • 10 [Elunium]
  • 1 [Dimik Cogwheel] (aka Core-Y)
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]


Rainbow Covenant


Availability: 01-15-2023

Spirit of witch from the mysterious Utans implores the adventurers accept the 7-day Trial of Rainbow Covenant, fulfilling her wish that has been made a thousand years ago.

Make a contract with a friend for this 7-day journey, but choose your friend wisely, because contracts can't be terminated. After making a contract, make sure you do your Rainbow Covenant quests every day.


Events adjustments:

  • Fashion Coin Event duration extended to 12-31-2023
  • Stay Online for Rewards removed



New Pets



  • Fire Lord added
    Source: Pet's Home (Prontera West Gate)
    Price: 200 [Fire Lord Figure]

    Obtainable in the Time-Space Abnormality (guild-exclusive event).




  • Deviruchi added
    Source: ???
    Price: ???
    Availability: 01-15-2023



RO Shop

Discounted Packs

It's Holiday Season. Inspired by the positive energy that only this time of year can provide, we've created some very special packages for you at a price never seen before in Origin World. Happy Holidays!


  • (99% OFF) Gratitude Limited Time Gift Box I added
    Price: 42 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 3 [Fashion Coin Extravaganza Optional Pack]


  • (90% OFF) Gratitude Limited Time Gift Box II added
    Price: 250 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 50 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack IV]


  • (90% OFF) Gratitude Limited Time Gift Box III added
    Price: 1,350 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 30 [Advanced Card Gacha]


  • (80% OFF) Christmas Limited Time Gift Box I added
    Price: 5,360 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 1 [Snowman Cone]
    • 50 [Peco Peco Figure]
    • 20 [Primary Pet Skill Book Selectable Pack]
    • 10 [Intermediate Pet Skill Book Selectable Pack]
    • 30 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 20 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 10 [Gacha Lottery Ticket]


  • (80% OFF) Christmas Season Gift Box added
    Price: 4,320 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 1 [Reindeer Bell Hat]
    • 100 [Refinement Enchantment Grinding Gift Box]
    • 50 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 50 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 30 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]


  • (80% OFF) Christmas Gift Box added
    Price: 3,300 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 1 [Christmas Tree Hat]
    • 20 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 50 [Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box]


Popular Items


  • [ATK] Extreme Day Tier 1 added
    Price: 30 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [DEF] Eternal Night Tier 1 added
    Price: 30 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [ATK] Time Tier 1 added
    Price: 60 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [ATK] Space Tier 1 added
    Price: 60 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [DEF] Nature Tier 1 added
    Price: 60 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [DEF] Holy Tier 1 added
    Price: 60 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 25/week

  • [MIX] Light Tier 1 added
    Price: 100 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 10/week

  • [MIX] Dark Tier 1 added
    Price: 100 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 10/week

  • [MIX] Truth Tier 1 added
    Price: 90 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 50/week

  • [MIX] Law Tier 1 added
    Price: 90 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 50/week


  • Delot Carving Chisel added
    Can be used for advancing and upgrading of Valkyrie Statue's part materials.
    Price: 5 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 500/week


  • Delot Carving Hammer added
    Can be used for upgrading blue, purple, and orange Valkyrie Statues.
    Price: 50 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 100/week


  • Misty/Intimidation/Relic/Omniscient Part Selection Box added
    Used to upgrade and activate the statue of Valkyrie.
    Price: 300 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week


  • Guild Token Chest added
    Rewards 500 guild tokens.
    Price: 250 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 2/day


  • Scroll of Wisdom Gift Box added
    Rewards a Scroll of Wisdom.
    Price: 100 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 100/week


  • Medal of Merit added
    Can be exchanged for ranks of the Heroic Spirit Medal and the Wisdom Medal.
    Price: 200 Catnips
    Purchase limit: n/a


  • One Star Starlight Silk added
    Can be used to +1 to +39 armors.
    Price: 5 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 50/week


  • One Star Diamond added
    Can be used to +1 to +39 weapons.
    Price: 5 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 50/week


  • Pet Park 1-day Ticket added
    Used to enter Hordor Dreamland.
    Price: 50 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 5/day

  • Early Winter Refining Gift Box removed
  • Rare Magic Stone removed
  • Precious Magic Stone removed
  • Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment removed
  • Blue Card Fragment removed
  • Purple Card Fragment removed
  • Gear Enhancement Custom Gift Box removed
  • Protection Lock Custom Gift Box removed
  • Rare Item Custom Gift Box removed
  • Transformation Enhancement Gift Box removed
  • Fall Refinement Gift Box I removed
  • Fall Refinement Gift Box II removed
  • Essential Supply Gift Box removed
  • Tier-A Random Pet Egg removed
  • Tier-B Random Pet Egg removed




  • Reindeer Motorcycle Gacha added
    Price: 50 Catnips
    Purchase limit: n/a
    Type: Mount (Solo)
    Speed: 210%
    • Max HP: +1%
    • ATK: +10
    • MATK: +10


  • Civet Cat Sedan Chair added
    Price: 15,900 Catnips
    Type: Mount (Duo)
    Speed: 260%
    • STR: +4
    • Damage to demons: +2%
  • Meow Meow Piggy Bank II removed
  • Headwear Blueprint Custom Pack removed


Diamond Shop


This new Shop is divided into two categories: Growth and Function Items. Here, you can find items like Feathers, Reputation Boxes, Oridecon and much more.

You can obtain Diamonds for free by completing activities such as MVP and HHH.


Special Shop


  • December Login Gift Box added
    Price: Free
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 10 [Weapon Enhancement Metal]
    • 10 [Armor Enhancement Metal]
    • 5 [Mora Coin]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • December Enhancement Box added
    Price: 50,000 Zeny
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 100 [Mora Coin]
    • 10 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 10 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 10 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]


  • December Pet Gift Box added
    Price: 320 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 30 [Spirit Dew]
    • 3 [Primary Pet Skill Book Selectable Pack]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 1 [Intermediate Pet Skill Book Selectable Pack]
    • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 10 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]


  • December Refinement Gift Box added
    Price: 950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 10 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack IV]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 20 [Accessory Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 30 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • December Gear Gift Box added
    Price: 1,650 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 2 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 2 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 5 [Advanced Titanium Steel]
    • 3 [Legendary Pet Gear Custom Chest]
    • 50 [Yggdrasil Berry]
    • 1 [Frozen Fruit Custom Chest]
    • 5 [Skip Ticket]
    • 3 [Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box]


  • December Gear Box added
    Price: 2,150 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 100 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 20 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 20 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack IV]
    • 3 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 3 [Mora Coin Upgrade Chest III]
    • 30 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 20 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]


Points Shop


You can now access any store in the game anywhere. Enter the RO Shop and tap the top right "Point" button to access the window.


This feature does not require Kafra Membership.



Fashion Redemption Shop


  • Fox Ear Bell added
    Price: 1,350 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Three Twisted Fox Noodles added
    Price: 1,350 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • Inari Messenger added
    Price: 1,350 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

  • White Fox Ears added
    Price: 450 [Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies




Hordor Dreamland

  • Gameplay is updated across the board, making it easier for adventurers to clear the levels and get rewards.
  • Availability adjusted to 24/7.
  • New theme feature: Challenge the theme of the day for better rewards. All themes are open during Sundays.
  • Hordor Dreamland now requires one [Pet Park 1-day Ticket] to enter the dungeon. Obtainable in the RO Shop.
  • You can synthetize [Pet Park 1-day Ticket] into [Pet Park 2-day Ticket] for double the rewards.





  • Base level 90
  • All day
  • Solo

Adventurers who venture in the Alfheim will face a series of challenges with increasing difficulty for rewards like Diamonds, Poring Fruits, Pet Skill Books, and more.




The MVP rewards window now includes essential information such as Damage Taken, Damage Dealt (DPS), Healing and Deaths, as well as first and last hits. Rewards have also been updated.

If a party member who has capped the MVP daily rewards is included in the party, the final rank score will be reduced based on the number of capped players in the party.



  • Guild Adventure added
    Availability: Thursday/Sunday at 20:30 (server time)
    • Each map has three spawn points. At 20:33, two of them will spawn MVP for the challenge.
    • The reward is calculated based on the damage ratio of each MVP, and the final blow increases this score by 10%.
    • Each MVP reward is calculated independently, and they enter the guild auction after the event. The higher the number of participants, the higher the maximum reward.
  • Space-time Anomaly added
    Availability: Tuesday/Saturday at 20:30

    Due to Fujin's mistake in the dimension exploration, monsters of different universes invaded Midgard. Be careful, adventurers! Time-space monsters are too powerful, so you can only join this fight as a guild member.
    • Space-time gates are unstable, so the time for each challenge is 40 seconds, and the interval between each challenge is 180 seconds.
    • To assist you in the fight, adventurers can bring up to 4 pets into the challenge. A balanced lineup is a key to success.
      After the challenge is complete, your score will be calculated based on the damage dealt. Challenge points are cumulative, and the guild scores the sum of its members' scores.
    • The rewards are issued after the event, based on the adventurer's points in the guild's ranking.
  • Guild Auction added
    • The feature has been moved to the main interface "Auction".
    • After any eligible guild event, acquired items are listed in the guild auction, in which all members can participate.
    • Guild members that engage in guild activities can receive dividends after every auction.
    • Unclaimed dividends are distributed by mail the next day.
    • Newly joined guild members must wait 30 minutes before participating in guild auctions.
  • Guild Leader Impeachment added
    • Guild members can impeach the guild leader who meets the conditions for impeachment:
      • Offline for 7 days or more or contributions inferior to 3000 for two weeks consecutively;
      • Only members 15+ days older can initiate an impeachment vote;
      • At least 50% of the active members must agree with the impeachment;
  • Guild Skills added
    Players can now unlock additional passives by using Guild Tokens and Copper Coins.
    • Guild Skills are only valid while you're part of a guild.
    • Guild Skills are passive and individual bonuses.
  • New management system added
  • New guild shop added
  • Guild quests added
  • And more




  • Base level 30


  • Unlike conventional Refinements, Enhancements don't fail.
  • You don't enhance equipment but slots, this way if you change your equipment, it won't change your enhancement level.
  • Enhancement materials include Star Diamond, which is used to enhance weapons and accessories, and Starlight Silk, used to enhance armor.
  • Materials required for enhancement can be acquired through various routes, such as the RO Shop, Yggdrasil Defense Battle, and quests.
  • Depending on your enhancement level, you will need to synthetize better enhancement materials to continue enhancing your slots.
  • Similar to the resonance system, you receive bonuses if you enhance your equipment equally at certain levels.




  • Base Level 27

Upgrading Emblems increases the character's combat power, as well their basic attributes.

Learn more in this video.

During the PvP, increase the damage dealt against players whose Emblem level is lower than yours, while reducing the damage caused against you.


Accessory Cards

  • Card (Accessory) slot added
    • Cards for accessories can be obtained from Guild Adventures, market, or auctions.
  • Eddga Puppet Card (I & II) added
    Slot: Face
    • Damage against large monsters: +3%/+8%
    • CRI. DEF: +2/+3 (collection exclusive)
  • Goblin Leader Puppet Card (I & II) added
    Slot: Face
    • Damage against medium monsters: +3%/+8%
    • ATK: +5/+12 (collection exclusive)
  • Angeling Puppet Card (I & II) added
    Slot: Mouth
    • Max HP: +3%/+8%
    • Max HP: +50/+150 (collection exclusive)



  • Friends Chat added
    You can now chat with all your friends simultaneously in a single tab!

Group Chat added
You can also create Group Chats (similar to Chat rooms) in Friends > Group Chat. This tool is excellent for organizing groups bigger than parties for events like Siege, for example.

Other Chat improvements

  • Long press on text messages or emojis sent by other adventurers to copy them.
  • Long press on the avatars of other adventurers to mention the player.
  • Tapping on the latest message will automatically slide down the chat.
  • The settings button and block list have been moved to the convenient chat box on the main interface.
  • Added coordinate message function, which is convenient for sharing location with other players, such as finding MVP, etc.
  • Added pet stickers.


Combat Power


The game now condenses all your attributes into a comprehensive number, the Combat Power (located bellow your Stamina bar). But keep in mind: While CP is an indicator of your character's potential, in Ragnarok the way you build your character is way more important than power alone.

Additionally, you can compare your CP with other players in the ranking and compete with them for the top.



  • Several UI changes implemented.
  • New filter options for the backpack implemented.


Job Balance

If you don't wish to read all the changes, you can watch this short video.


  • The basic status and CRI.DMG of True Sight increased: Basic Status 5 + CRI.DMG 10% → Basic Status 10 + CRI.DMG 20%
  • New effect added to Wind Walk: Increases movement speed by 15% for 15s
  • New effect added to Burst Claw: Steel Claw: Attack effect increased by 200%


Lord Knight

  • Berserk's DEF and MDEF reduction reduced, and the exhaustion effect duration reduced: DEF/MDEF 100% reduction for 5min → DEF/MDEF 50% reduction for 2min (PvE)/20s (PVP)
  • The non-attribute physical damage of Joint Beat increased: 200% → 350%
  • New effect added to Aura BladeIncreases physical damage by 10% for the duration of the skill
  • The weapon ATK buff of Concentration increased: 25% → 30%



  • Paradise coins consumed when using Cart Termination reduced: 1000 → 500 Paradise Coins



  • Alchemist Bioethics Homunculus MAX HP increased: 30% → 50%
  • Creator Life's Homunculus ATK and MATK increased: → 20% → 50%


Bard/Clown & Dancer/Gypsy

  • Illusion Note stacking effect of the Illusionary Movement increased: Increases physical damage by 3% and healing by 3% → Increases physical damage by 5% and healing by 5%
  • The doll duration of Clown/Gypsy Marionette Dance increased: 10s → 15s



  • New effect added to PressureSlow the target by 40%
  • New effect added to Spear ShotSkill multiplier increased by 1% for every 500 Max HP




  • Players can now get an additional 30-minute Blessing upon reaching 100 points of activity.
  • The number of card slots for two-handed sword, two-handed axe, two-handed staff, and two-handed bow weapons below level 30 has been increased to 2.
  • The number of card slots for two-handed weapons of level 40 or superior has been increased to 3.
  • The number of card slots for secondary weapons of level 40 or superior has been increased to 2.
  • Due to a bug, the Fan Club set was removed from the wardrobe temporarily.
  • Some Guild Party, Team Deathmatch and Endless Tower rewards were updated.
  • Textures and effects improved.
  • Interface and convenience features improved.
  • Cat Top catnip rewards removed.
  • Heart Dojo catnip rewards removed.




  • Fixed a bug that prevented Champions from using the Asura combo properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ranger's detection skill would not reveal enemies.
  • Partially fixed the bug that prevents Stalkers from linking weapons properly.
  • Fixed a bug that did not reward Proof of Union to "support" players in Constellation Tower.



Mix n' Match Event Result

I can't put into words how hard this event was for us to judge. There were so many amazing combinations that we felt pressured not to deviate from the event's criteria. Congratulations to the winners of our Mix n' Match event! 

  • Telidoria (200912)
    image.thumb.png.bf513cb1b4966c988078ea773aa371bf.pngThis combination is so unexpected and incredibly well-crafted that it felt like they're all part of the same set. Really well done, Telidoria.


  • ShotoTodoroki (167204)
    ShotoTodoroki, we really loved your concept. It has personality, expressiveness and, of course, the drip.


  • 김제니 (118032)
    Simple, cute and angelical. Sometimes less is more.


  • Koii (52155)
    Ok, this is another case of a great concept. We loved the combination, the setting (the timming), everything really mixed perfectly. Well done, Koii!


  • 악마 (179240)
    We really had to double-check to see if there were no duplicated parts of the same set here. This mix felt like a match made in heaven.


Honorable Mentions

Reward: 5,000 Catnips

  • IceLemoon (180333). You were so close of getting to the top 5, but the back piece didn't quite match 😕 
  • Mushi (163760). We loved your mix and it was really hard to not place you in the top 5.


Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you and happy Holidays!

[GM] Judge


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