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Hi everyone, everything fine?

I come to inform you that I will be on vacation, yes, even the Anubis take vacations. With that, I will introduce to all of you the new GM who will take over all the functions of the ROO.
GM Anthasha

I hope you take care of her like you took care of me, and make her feel as special as I do.
This is not goodbye. You'll see me sometimes walking around Prontera, or sitting on the judge's bench. (Actually, he gets furious when they sit in his seat.)
I'm going to spend a few days in Alberta, enjoying the sea breeze and the pool at that fantastic club. I'm going to walk around Comodo and see the Whale dance. Well, that's a little on my agenda. Maybe we'll meet between Alberta and Comodo.

Thank you from your friend Anubis.


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