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Between Rainbows and Shadows Update


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09-15-2022 • UPDATE

Between Rainbows and Shadows Update

In the last update, we saw for the first time that the amount of content added to the game exceeded the average time you can dedicate to the game daily.

ROO should be about having fun with friends, so we are always committed to the task of making sure the game is not tiring or too demanding for you.

That way, for this update, we focused on events that don't take as much time from you to give you the freedom to play your way.

In addition, we decided to try out new ideas and make The Monster Collection Shop a bit more interesting. We hope you like it.

Maintenance countdown: [0:19:05:41] Between Rainbows and Shadows Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 1 hour

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


New Halloween Battle Pass

Rock Spirit Costume



Crimson Puppet Costume



Magic Flying Broomstick (Blueprint)


Event duration: 11-15-2022

One of the most anticipated Battle Passes in the game has finally arrived! Here, you will find two complete sets, the Rock Spirit and the Crimson Puppet, and the Blueprint for the Magic Flying Broomstick and much moreGet ready, the Halloween comes in October, and we want to see everyone dressed up for the occasion.




Spider Silk Life Gacha


Event duration: 10-15-2022

A wandering mind is as venomous as a wandering spider.

Gacha Cost: 1*[Gacha Lottery Ticket] or 120 Catnips

  • Spider Veil
    Type: Face
    • DEF: +16
    • STR: +5
    • DEX: +5
    • INT: +5
    • Max HP: 5%
    • Damage from small monsters: -5%
    • Damage to small monsters: +5%
    • When level 90 or above, for every 5 levels, damage from small monsters -1%, damage to small monsters +1%, up to 3%.
  • Spider Leg Back
    • DEF: +16
    • MDEF: +10
    • Damage from plants: -5%
    • Damage to plants: +5%
    • DMG: 2%
    • MDMG: +2%
  • Spider Life
    • ATK: +3.5%
    • MATK: +3.5%
    • MSPD: +2%
    • Damage from insects: -5%
    • Damage to insects: +8%
    • Ignore DEF: +4%
    • Ignore MDEF: +4%
    • Poison Resistance: +10%
    • All Atributes: +2
    • When level 90 or above, for every 10 levels, ATK +0.25%, MATK +0.25%, up to 0.5%.
    • When level 90 or above, for every 5 levels, damage from small monsters -1%, up to 3%.


  • Velvet Baby
    Speed: 230%

    • INT: +4
    • Damage against insects: +2% 
  • God's Prayer Gacha removed
    • God's Prayer Gacha Medals converted into Gold Medals



Gold Medal Shop

Perfect Obsidian Costume


Availability: 12-15-2022

Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called guts.
— Dan Gable

  • Perfect Obsidian Costume Gift Box added
    Price: 50,000 Gold Medals

Okay, you won. Adding the "Judge suit" to the game was, perhaps, the most consistent (and persistent) request since we launched OW over a year ago.

Anyone who's played OW long enough knows how much we love this set, so adding it to the game gives us mixed feelings, but we can't monopolize such a beautiful set forever.

Elegance enthusiasts rejoice. You can acquire the Perfect Obsidian Costume Gift Box in the Gold Medal Shop until December 15, 2022. After that, it will be removed from the store and shall never return.

But please don't see this set as something to be acquired right away. Accumulate your Medals monthly and claim the set when you have accumulated enough.

On average, completing a Wishing Gacha set rewards you with 10K Gold Medals. Taking into account that the massive majority of you are not spending your medals, many of you will have enough to get the set without any additional investment by November.

  • Perfect Sweet Gent
    Type: Head
    • DEF: +10
    • LUK: +5
    • DEX: +5
    • AGI: +1
    • Damage taken: -2%
  • Perfect Glasses
    • DEF: +10
    • MDEF: +10
    • STR: +2
    • INT: +2
    • VIT: +2
  • Perfect Obsidian Gown
    • STR: +1
    • AGI: +1
    • VIT: +1
    • INT: +1
    • DEX: +1
    • LUK: +1
    • DMG: +2%
    • MDMG: +2%



New Events

Refining Operation


Event duration: 10-15-2022


During this event, complete refinement quests to earn rewards and Refinement Operation Points that can be exchanged for additional rewards!

Note: This event ignores off-hand gear.


5x Commission Experience Spree


Event duration: 10-15-2022

If 2x is good, 5x is... Toes!

If you are creating an alt or starting your adventure now, this is the perfect time to level up. With the new server level and 5x Commission Experience, you'll fly through the lower levels.


Rainbow Covenant


Event duration: 10-15-2022


Spirit of witch from the mysterious Utans implores the adventurers accept the 7-day Trial of Rainbow Covenant, fulfilling her wish that has been made a thousand years ago.

Make a contract with a friend for this 7-day journey, but choose your friend wisely, because contracts can't be terminated. After making a contract, make sure you do your Rainbow Covenant quests every day.


Warrior's Glory


Event duration: 10-15-2022


Joining the Battleground and Arena during the event grants you a 1.5x Medal of Valor bonus and a chance to obtain Warrior's Glory Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 10 [Oridecon]
  • 10 [Elunium]
  • 1 [Dimik Cogwheel] (aka Core-Y)
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]


Deviruchi's Offer


Event duration: 10-15-2022

During the event, you can claim 5 Deviruchi Vouchers every day. This daily reward resets at 05:00 every day. Vouchers that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit. Also during the event, the chances of finding the Deviruchi Hat Blueprint while rescuing Deviruchi are 30% higher.


Treasure Hunter


Event duration: 10-15-2022


Become a Treasure Hunter and discover treasures hidden in the mysterious monsters. There’s a chance to find surprise rewards as well!


Events Adjustments

Stay Online for Rewards

  • 5 [Deviruchi Voucher] 5 [Cogwheel Lottery Ticket]
  • 50 [Mora Coin] → 7 [Advanced Titanium Fragment]
    Judge pro tip: 10 [Advanced Titanium Fragment] can be synthesized into 1 [Advanced Titanium Steel]. 5 [Advanced Titanium Steel], into 1 [Super Titanium Steel]. This change basically guarantees you a Super Titanium Steel per week.



RO Shop

Discounted Packs


  • Golden Autumn Gear Large Gift Box A added
    Price: 2,964 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3

    • 1 [Advanced 2-Socket Accessory Selectable Chest]
    • 5 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest I]
    • 10 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 5 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack III]
    • 2 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 15 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 3 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 3 [Super Material Custom Chest]


  • Golden Autumn Enchantment Gift Box added
    Price: 6,916 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 2 [Mora Coin Upgrade Chest III]
    • 12 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 20 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 50 [Enchantment Token Ticket]
    • 2 [Frozen Fruit Custom Chest]
    • 30 [Spirit Dew]
    • 20 [Super Cookie]
    • 5 [Precious Card Fragment]


  • Golden Autumn Card Gift Box A added
    Price: 13,832 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 5 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 1 [MINI Time-limited Card Custom Album (5 Days)]
    • 15 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 1 [Core Reinforcement Device 2.0 (7-Day)]
    • 15 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 10 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 50 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 2 [Purple Card Gem]


  • Golden Autumn Refinement Gift Box A added
    Price: 15,808 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 1 [Type B Precious Headgear Material Bag]
    • 1 [Type C Precious Headgear Material Bag]
    • 35 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 5 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 40 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 30 [Accessory Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 15 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 15 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack III]
    • 20 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
  • August Growth Gift Box I removed
  • August Assist Gift Box removed
  • August Protection Gift Box removed
  • August Good Job Gift Box III removed


Popular Items


  • Golden Autumn Cogwheel Gift Box added
    Price: 888 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week

    • 3 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 1 [Titanium Steel Selection Pack I]
    • 25 [Yggdrasil Berry]
    • 1 [Gym Pass]
    • 1 [Storage Voucher]
    • 50,000 Zennies


  • Yggdrasil Berry adjusted
    • Discounted version purchase limit increased: 15 30
    • Normal version listed for 25 Catnips


Special Shop (aka GIFT Shop)

Availability: 10-15-2022


  • October Login Gift Box added
    Price: Free
    Purchase limit: 1/week

    • 3 [Spirit Dew]
    • 5 [Lunatic Toffee]
    • 1 [Enlightenment Stone]
    • 30 [Mora Coin]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • October Supply Gift Box added
    Price: 50,000 Zennies
    Purchase limit: 3/week

    • 20 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 5 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 15 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 3 [Poring Fruit]


  • October Mount Gift Box added
    Price: 550 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week

    • 25 [Small Reputation Box]
    • 20 [Super Cookie]
    • 25 [Wild Kiwi]
    • 10 [Sunshine Kiwi]
    • 1 [Frozen Fruit Custom Chest]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • October Enhancement Gift Box added
    Price: 950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week

    • 25 [Weapon Advanced Enhancement Metal]
    • 25 [Armor Advanced Enhancement Metal]
    • 5 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack III]
    • 10 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 25 [Enhancement Acceleration Pack]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • October Refinement Gift Box A added
    Price: 1,650 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week

    • 25 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 700 [Mora Coin]
    • 10 [Previous Gacha Selectable Gift Pack III]
    • 30 [Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 20 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 1 [MVP Limited-Time Card Custom Album (3 days)]


  • October Refinement Gift Box A added
    Price: 2,150 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 50 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 5 [Super Material Custom Chest]
    • 2 [Purple Card Gem]
    • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 3 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 10 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 5 [Legendary Pet Gear Custom Chest]



Fashion Redemption Shop


NPC: Isabel (Prontera)


  • Eternal Flower Story (Male)/Rose Veil (Female) added
    Slot: Head
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Rose Butterfly added
    Slot: Mouth
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Affectionate Rose added
    Slot: Back
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Sweet Blessing added
    Slot: Body
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Blue Goggles added
    Slot: Face
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Expedition Prong Hammer (Male)/Adventure Claw Hammer (Female) added
    Slot: Back
    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Wilderness Exploration added
    Slot: Body
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Idol Look added
    Slot: Body
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Dreamy Frappuccino added
    Slot: Back
    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Shimmer Green Glasses added
    Slot: Face
    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Clover Sticker added
    Slot: Mouth
    Price: 250*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Clover Earrings added
    Slot: Face
    Price: 250*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Nun Bandana added
    Slot: Head
    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennies


  • Blue Cross Sword added
    Slot: Back
    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennies


  • Blue-Striped Cannon added
    Slot: Back
    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennies


  • Priest Outfit (Male)/Nun Outfit (Female) added
    Slot: Body
    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennies



Monster Collection Shop

Guides > Monster Glossary > Collection Shop


  • Deviruchi Speech Bubble (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 2,500 [Shadow Element Specimen]
    • 15,000 Zennies


  • Wings of Time Speech Bubble (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 1,500 [Wind Element Specimen]
    • 1,000 [Holy Element Specimen]
    • 15,000 Zennies


  • Cruiser Speech Bubble (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 1,500 [Water Element Specimen]
    • 1,000 [Wind Element Specimen]
    • 15,000 Zennies


  • Cute Cow Balloon (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 1,000 [Earth Element Specimen]
    • 1,000 [Water Element Specimen]
    • 500 [Neutral Element Specimen]


  • Cool Summer Speech Bubble (90 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 6,000 [Fire Element Specimen]
    • 6,000 [Water Element Specimen]
    • 90,000 Zennies


  • Wings of Time Profile Border (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 1,000 [Wind Element Specimen]
    • 500 [Holy Element Specimen]
    • 15,000 Zennies


  •  Cruiser Profile Border (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 1,000 [Water Element Specimen]
    • 500 [Wind Element Specimen]
    • 15,000 Zennies


  • Hot-Blooded Baseball Profile Border (15 days) added
    Required materials:
    • 700 [Fire Element Specimen]
    • 700 [Water Element Specimen]
    • 20,000 Zennies



General Changes


  • Server level increased: 120 125


Dimension Simulation Battle

  • [Beta] Duration increased: 20:00-23:00 06:00-22:00

    You asked, and we listened. Increasing the Duration of Dimension Simulation Battle is extremely risky; this event requires several players to function, so increasing its duration can significantly dilute the number of players queuing at the same time, making it harder to find matches.

    If this change proves to be bad for the event's health, we will reverse it, so please try to work together to set queue times for each time zone.


Constellation Tower Store

  • Scroll of Wisdom Gift Box purchase limit increased: 5 10



  • Purple Card Fragment added
    Cost: 5*[Blue Card Fragment] + 3,000 Zennies



  • Peco Peco Figure can now be placed in the storage.




  • 10 Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha → 10 Cogwheel Lottery Ticket
  • Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment: 270 320
  • Material Custom Chest: 3 → 5
  • Advanced Mercenary Scroll: 10 30
  • Dish Selection Pack ★★★: 10 30
  • Potion Selection Pack ★★★: 10 30
  • Combat Acceleration Candy: 30 80
  • Lucky Gear Farming Candy: 30 80
  • 180 Advanced Refinement Custom Gift Box added
  • 80 Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack added
  • 180 Reputation Box added
  • 80 Super Cookie added
  • 80 Sunshine Kiwi added
  • 180 Oridecon removed
  • 180 Elunium removed
  • 30 Body of α-Energy removed
  • 30 Blessed Weapon Ore removed
  • 30 Blessed Armor Ore removed



Poetic Nature

Screenshot Contest

Did you ask for a screenshot event? I, too, was missing that.


  1. Choose a poem that touches you;
  2. Look for a place in Midgard where you feel this poem fits;
  3. Take your screenshot with or without you in focus;
  4. Submit your screenshot along with your character ID and poem in #poetic-nature.
  5. Have fun.



  1. Synergy: Screenshot and poems that complement each other;
  2. Creativity: You can write your poem if you prefer;
  3. Originality: Look at nature from another angle, look for less explored places in Midgard;
  4. Aesthetics: Edit your screenshot, apply filters or corrections, or even write the poem or poem excerpt on your screenshot;
  5. Photography: Angle, framing, sharpness...


Top 3
1 [Reporter's Hat]
5,000 Catnips

Top 4-10
3,000 Catnips



Submissions: September 15th to September 25th.

Result: September 30th.



Bug Fixes

Purple Card Crystal

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from dropping the item at any level.



Question of the Month

What are your visions for the game for the next months?
Question are chosen based on players' most frequently asked questions to our GMs.

Since the launch of OW, we've worked to make ROO a more friendly and fair game between its pairs. We are happy to say that the gap between the F2P and the P2W players has never been smaller, but that's just the foundation.

We are looking for new and better ways to democratize access to resources, as we did when we introduced Elunium/Oridecon/Body of α-Energy to world drops, or even when we implemented the Fashion Exchange Store.

We want to add more meaningful content to the game, such as the recent additions to the Monster Collection Shop or the crafts through Pet Eggs and Food that we added a few patches ago. Additions that give you a greater sense of progression.

After EP9, we also want to get back to the quality of life improvements.



What's Next?

Episode 9

First, allow us to apologize. Initially, we wanted to fix the issue with the Asura Combo and the Detection Skill in this patch, but we couldn't make the fix consistent. Something fundamental in the version of the game we are using is causing a conflict between these two skills.

To prevent Champions and Rangers from waiting much longer, we are working to release EP9 as soon as possible, instead of mid-November as we had planned.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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