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Constellation Update


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Anubis, Judge & Iridescent by Aurenitta, winner of our last drawing contest.

08-15-2022 • UPDATE

Constellation Update

Following our roadmap, this update introduces Job Change, Constellation Tower, new events, a new wishing gacha, and much more. Hold my hand while I guide you through starry skies.

Maintenance countdown: [0:17:21:54] Constellation Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 3 hours

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


Top Up Promotion


From the 15th to the 22nd of August, 23:59 (server time), basic packages will be sold at a promotional price of up to 40% off!

Note: Although you can buy more than one Kafra Membership, Premium (Silver/Gold), and Battle Pass (Silver/Gold), these packages are not cumulative.



New Events

Evil Invasion


Event duration: 08-31-2022

Evil monsters have invaded Prontera's peripheral area. Complete the event quests and collect reports to level up the server's Defense and prepare for the battle.

Evil Attack starts at 21:00, the day before the Evil Invasion. All adventurers must head to the West Gate and drive back invading monsters within 2 hours.

The higher level the City Defense is, the more allies there will be in the final battle. The higher level the Evil Investigation is, the more you can weaken the invading monsters and strengthen allies in the battle.


Enchantment Operation


Event duration: 09-15-2022

During this event, complete Enchantment quests to earn rewards and Enchantment Operation Points! Enchantment Operation Points can be exchanged for additional rewards! Also during the event, the Battle of Yggdrasil has a higher chance of dropping enchantment tickets.

Note: This event ignores off-hand gear.


Helheim Racing

Layer 1.png

Event duration: 09-15-2022

During the event, participate in the Helheim Disturbance gameplay and do your best to get the fastest speedrun record!


Ultimate Extreme Challenge

Layer 1 (3).png

Event duration: 09-15-2022

Joining Ultimate Extreme Challenges during the event grants you a 1.5x Basic EXP and Copper Coin Reward bonus and a chance to obtain the Extreme Challenge Surprise Gift Pack. Possible rewards:

  • 3 [Gear Refinement Pack]
  • 6 [Oridecon]
  • 6 [Elunium]
  • 3 [Advanced Combat Acceleration Candy]
  • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]
  • 1 [Ether Factor Boost Card]
  • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
  • 1 [Advanced Lubricant]
  • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment]
  • 1 [Old Enriched Oridecon]
  • 1 [Old Enriched Elunium]


Cat Hand Caravan 2x


During the event, loading cargo for the Cat Hand Caravan gives you 2x Reputation!

Event duration: 09-15-2022


Malangdo Supply


Event duration: 09-15-2022

The golden autumn is the time of harvest. This time, the Meow Meows from Malangdo brought even more supplies to the players as gifts.


Lucky Tree


Event duration: 09-15-2022

During the event, use Wishing Crystals to make wishes to the Lucky Tree. Each wishing gives you one of the rewards hanging in the tree's branches and adds up to 10 Luck. Upon reaching 100 Luck, your next wish guarantees 1*[Magic Card].

30 Magic Cards can be synthetized into one [Purple Card Selection Book]. This book allows you to chose one between 74 different purple cards.

As always, whenever we add the Lucky Tree to the game, the next five #EveryDayRewards guarantee 5 Wishing Crystals.

Note: Every time you draw a Magic Card your Luck count resets.


15-Days Check-in Gift


Event duration: 09-15-2022

During 15 days, you can claim a new reward for free. With the new Card Awakening system, you don't want to miss a day.

Log for 15 days to claim:


  • Clover Sticker
    Type: Face
    • DEF: +6
    • INT: +2
    • STR: +2


Events Adjustments

  • 2x Card Drop Rate duration increased: 08-15-2022 → 09-15-2022
    During the last 27 days, we saw a 71% increase in the purple card drop rate per active player, a bit below the expected 100%, but still very positive. To have a wider range of analysis, as well as time to investigate how this event works, we decided to extend its duration by 30 days.




God's Prayer Gacha


Event duration: 09-15-2022

May Freya bless you.

Gacha Cost: 1*[Gacha Lottery Ticket] or 120 Catnips

  • Nun Bandana
    Type: Head
    • DEF: +16
    • MDEF: +16
    • All Attributes: +2
    • MATK: +2%
    • MDMG: 2%
    • Ignore MDEF: +2%
  • Blue-Stripped Cannon
    • DEF: +16
    • MDEF: +6
    • DEX: +5
    • AGI: +2
    • Ranged DMG: 6%
    • Ignore DEF: +4%
  • Blue Cross Sword
    • DEF: +16
    • MDEF: +6
    • STR: +5
    • AGI: +2
    • Melee ATK: 6%
    • Ignore DEF: +4%
  • Priest/Nun Outfit
    Type: Body
    • DMG: +4%
    • MDMG: +4%
    • Max HP: +5%
    • Max SP: +5%
    • Skill Global CD: -5%
    • Healing Received: +5%
  • Swan Love Gacha removed
    • Swan Love Gacha Medals converted into Gold Medals



Constellation Tower



Are you ready for Ragnarok Origin's biggest PvE challenge ever? Adventurers who have reached level 115 or higher can challenge the Constellation Tower every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 05:00 to 23:59.

If you haven't already, be sure to complete the [Constellation Tower] guide quest, as it will give you an excellent starting gear for this new journey.

To access the Tower, visit the Valkyrie on Alberta, or check the event in the Weekly Calendar.


  1. The Tower has three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Hell, and each level offers five floors/bosses;
  2. You can get up to 5 rewards a day, but only through different bosses/difficulties;
  3. The harder the difficulty, the better the equipment you can get;
  4. Your party can have up to five players of Base Level 115 or superior;
  5. Each level has a different resurrection limit:
    Normal: 5x
    Difficult: 3x
    Hell: 1x
  6. Unlike other events, if you have collected your daily rewards, you won't receive assistance incentives;
  7. Due to the bug that is affecting Asura's combo in the game, this skill is not functional in the Tower. We are investigating this;


Check the following links you want to know more about Mythic Equipment Smelting/Linkage or Tower Strategy.



Job Change



The wait is over, Adventurers! You can now change your Job to any, except Stalker, but before that, please make sure you meet the requirements:

  1. Base Level 70 or superior and have completed the 3rd job trial;
  2. Not having changed Jobs in the last 7 days;
  3. No equipped gear or cogwheels;
  4. Not being in a party;
  5. No pending mails to claim;
  6. No items pending for trade;
  7. No pending items for auction or bids;


Free Job Change

To claim your Free Job Change, start the quest [Learn about Job Transfer] and follow the instructions.

Before applying for a Free Job change, it's important to note that:

  1. The character level remains unchanged;
  2. All attribute points and skill points will be reset and returned;
  3. After the job change, you cannot wear equipment that does not match your job;
  4. The attributes of Cogwheels that does not match your job will no longer be effective;
  5. Your job mount may change depending on your the new selected job;
  6. Due to the differences in attributes between different jobs, the character attributes may change after the job transfer;
  7. After your first conversion to a new job, you will be given a certain period of repentance time. During the repentance period, you can return to your original job for free;
  8. After switching jobs, you can't use the transfer system again for a certain period;
  9. After you transfer to a new job, no matter whether you go back to the original job or not, items consumed by the transfer operation will not be returned;
  10. The pre-quest [Learn about Job Transfer] can only be taken after you have completed Main Quest [Twilight Lotus];



New Holy Medals (Pet)
(More about them soon)


  • Plant Medal
    • Additional HP
    • Damage Taken Reduction



  • Water Medal
    • Additional HP
    • M.Damage Taken Reduction


  • Lightning Medal
    • DMG
    • MDMG



RO Shop

Discounted Packs


  • August Growth Gift Box I added
    Price: 1,976 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 5 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest I]
    • 10 [Advanced Refinement Protection Box]
    • 10 [Previous Gacha Custom Gift Pack]
    • 2 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 20 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 3 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • August Assist Gift Box added
    Price: 6,916 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 2 [Mora Coin Upgrade Chest III]
    • 12 [Rare Confinement Stone]
    • 20 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 50 [Enchantment Token Ticket]
    • 1 [Frozen Fruit Custom Chest]
    • 30 [Spirit Dew]
    • 20 [Super Cookie]


  • August Protection Gift Box added
    Price: 12,844 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 50 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 5 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 40 [Advanced Refinement Protection Box]
    • 30 [Accessory Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 20 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 5 [Precious Card Fragment]


  • August Good Job Gift Box III added
    Price: 19,760 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1

    • 1,000 Catnips
    • 5 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 1 [D-type Bound Blueprint Selectable Gift]
    • 100 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 30 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 10 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest III]
    • 3 [Level 115 Strange Gem]
    • 1 [Shimmer Green Glasses]
      Type: Face
      • DEF: +10
      • STR: +2
      • INT: +2
      • LUK: +2
      • Damage to formless monsters: +2%
      • Damage from formless monsters: -2%
  • Level 120 Substantial Growth Gift removed
  • Golden Autumn Custom Growth Small Gift Box removed
  • Golden Autumn Custom Growth Large Gift Box removed
  • Fall Growth Gift Box I removed
  • Fall Growth Gift Box II removed


Popular Items


  • Job Change Scroll added
    Price: 15,000 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 
    Judge pro tip: Although the item has no purchase limit, the current cooldown between Job changes is 7 days.


  • Essential Supply Gift Box added
    Price: 888 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 

    • 1 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest]
    • 1 [Super Material Custom Chest]
    • 10 [Tear of the Goddess Supply Chest]
    • 5 [Bloody Branch]
    • 1 [Precious Card Fragment]


  • Transformation Enhancement Gift Box price reduced: 5,000 4,950 Catnips
  • Fall Enchantment Gift Box removed
  • Fall Cogwheel Gift Box removed



image-removebg-preview (28).png

  • Sweet Honey Cup added
    Price: 15,900 Catnips


Errand House > Zeny

  • Valkyrie's Favor price reduced: 10,000  1,000 Zennies


Errand House > Copper

  • Reputation (Box) purchase limit increased: 20 70


Mystery Shop

  • Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box
    • Removed 400 Catnips variation
    • Increased the chance of the 120 Catnips variation to appear


Special Shop (September Deals)


  • September Login Gift Box added
    Price: Free
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 10 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 5 [Lunatic Toffee]
    • 3 [Deviruchi Ticket]
    • 20 [Mora Coin]
    • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Supply Gift Box added
    Price: 60,000 Zennies
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 20 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Enchantment Acceleration Pack]
    • 20 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
    • 3 [Poring Fruit]
    • 3 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Cogwheel Gift Box added
    Price: 550 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 10 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 3 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
    • 5 [Dimik Cogwheel Upgrade Chest I]
    • 1 [Advanced Titanium Steel]
    • 1 [Core Reinforcement Device 2.0 (3-day)]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Cogwheel Gift Box added
    Price: 950 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 3/week
    • 20 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest I]
    • 20 [Advanced Refinement Protection Gift Box]
    • 10 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • 30 [Accessory Refinement Custom Gift Box]
    • 300 [Unidentified Metal]
    • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]


  • September Enhancement Gift Box added
    Price: 1,650 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1/week
    • 50 [Weapon Advanced Enhancement Metal]
    • 50 [Armor Advanced Enhancement Metal]
    • 30 [Enchantment Acceleration Pack]
    • 30 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 10 [Previous Gacha Custom Gift Pack]
    • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • 40 [Bradium]
    • 40 [Carnium]


  • September Card Gift Box added
    Price: 2,150 Catnips
    Purchase limit: 1
    • 5 [Magic Card]
    • 10 [Advanced Card Gacha]
    • 2 [Purple Card Gem]
    • 50 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
    • 100 [Enhancement Metal Custom Gift Box]
    • 10 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • 3 [Smeldon Cogwheel]
    • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • 1 [Clover Earrings]
      Type: Face
      • DEF: +10
      • VIT: +2
      • LUK: +3
      • Max HP: +2%
      • MSPD: +2%
      • Damage to Neutral Monsters: +3%



Fashion Redemption Shop


NPC: Isabel (Prontera)


  • Star Sparkler added
    Slot: Mouth

    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Baby Cap added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Cogwheel Glasses added
    Slot: Face

    Price: 450*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies

image-removebg-preview (38) (1).png

  • Frog Umbrella added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Dark Cloud added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

image-removebg-preview (33) (1).png

  • Egg Basket Headgear added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies

image-removebg-preview (34) (1).png

  • Bunny Back added
    Slot: Back

    Price: 300*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 50,000 Zennies


  • Bunny Fashion added
    Slot: Body

    Price: 600*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 100,000 Zennies


  • Clover Fashion Gift Box added
    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennies
    • 1 [Clover Hat]
    • 1 [Clover Glasses]
    • 1 [Clover Rabbit]
    • 1 [Clover Costume]


  • Gold Feather Headdress/Purple Rose Veil added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennie


  • Night Feather added
    Slot: Face

    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennie


  • Black Swan added
    Slot: Head

    Price: 1,350*[Strange Fashion Coin] + 250,000 Zennie
  • Butterfly Gentleman Bowler Hat removed
  • Night Butterfly removed
  • Sparkler removed
  • Popcorn Bucket removed
  • Frog Yarn Hat removed


Job Balance
Credits: Mumei

Lord Knight

  • Cavalier Mastery move speed bonus increased: 30% 40%
  • (New) Lion Roar has a 10% chance of triggering Lion Lore while under attack, and 20% chance of slowing the target for 3s
  • (New) Parry has a chance of becoming immune to all physical damage



  • Cavalier Mastery move speed bonus increased: 30% 40%
  • Defending Aura magic damage reduction increased by 40%
  • Concentrate Pierce critical chance multiplier doubled



  • Raging Trifecta Blow
    • trigger chance increased: 21% → 30%
    • Damage increased: 130% + 20 → 400% + 200 physical damage
  • Throw Spirit Sphere physical damage increased: 300%  400%


High Priest

  • Holy Judgement
    • Normal base multiplier increased: 300%  500%
      • Trigger chance reduced: 90% 75%
    • Rare base multiplier increased to 750%
      • Trigger chance increased: 10% 25%
  • Assumptio duration increased: 100  300s


Assassin Cross

  • Grimtooth multiplier increased: 160+30 → 280%
  • (New) Skills used under Hiding Research deal 40% more damage
  • Soul Breaker now benefits from both physical and magical damage and deals 2% more damage for every 10 INT



  • Bioethics
    • Max HP multiplier increased to 30%
    • Physical immunity reduced: 3%  2%
  • Bio Cannibalize duration increased to 1% MAX HP + 500 HP recovery for 30 seconds



  • Cart Boost buff duration increased: 60s  300s
  • Adrenaline Rush buff duration increased: 150s  300s
  • Power Thrust buff duration increased: 100s  300s
  • Weapon Perfection buff duration increased: 100s  300s
  • A. A. S. Assault Gun
    • Acquired attack increased: 50%  75%
    • HP increased: 30% 50%



  • Every fourth Blitz Beat casted is replaced by the Sonic Blast of the level you've learned
  • Detecting's range now follows your character



  • Fantasy Rhapsody now stacks with Fantasy Music
  • Arrow Vulkan damage multiplier increased: 500% + 300  800% + 300 physical damage
  • Bragi's Poetry after delay buff effect increased: 10% 20%
  • Lucky Kiss buff effect increased: 5 CRI, 7% CRI.DMG 10 CRI, 12% CRI.DMG



General Changes

Pet House

  • Sohee added
    Price: 200 Peco Peco Figures
  • King Pig added
    Price: 200 Peco Peco Figures
  • Fire Spirit added
    200 Peco Peco Figures

Many of you don't like the RNG aspect of Random Pet Eggs and have asked us for a way to get Pets from previous lotteries. I'm happy to announce that you can now do it at the Pet Shop!


Dimension Simulation Battle

  • Removed from Wednesdays
  • Event duration increased: 20:00-22:00 20:00-23:00
    Although this event doesn't allow us to open it at a different time on different days, our team is looking for alternatives to make it more accessible to a wider audience without compromising the queue time.


Kafra Shop

  • Magic Crystal Stones can now be sold for 100 Copper Coins a piece
  • Level 65 Strange Gems can now be sold for 150 Unidentified Metals
  • Level 85 Strange Gems can now be sold for 250 Unidentified Metals
  • Level 95 Strange Gems can now be sold for 400 Unidentified Metals
  • Level 105 Strange Gems can now be sold for 550 Unidentified Metals

You asked for ways to recover part of the Unidentified Ores invested in old Gems. We listened! You can now sell Strange Gems in the Kafra Shop, but be careful not to sell them by mistake.


Recruitment Shop

  • Strange Fashion Coin removed


Hordor Dreamland

  • Dream Coin weekly limit removed until October


Hordor's Treasure

  • Peco Peco Figure added
    Price: 3,600 Dream Coins
    Purchase limit: 1/week

  • Tier A Random Pet Egg price reduced: 90,000 50,000 Dream Coins
  • Tier B Random Pet Egg price reduced: 30,000 15,000 Dream Coins


Anomalous Metal Shop

  • Beginner Cogwheel Gacha
    • Purchase limit increased: 20 30
    • Price reduced: 20 → 5 [Anomalous Metal]
  • Advanced Cogwheel Gacha
    • Purchase limit increased: 20 30
    • Price reduced: 33 → 10 [Anomalous Metal]
  • Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha
    • Purchase limit reduced: ∞ 30
    • Price reduced: 33 → 10 [Anomalous Steel]
  • Beginner Lubricant purchase limit increased: 4 5
  • Intermediate Lubricant purchase limit increased: 4 5
  • Advanced Lubricant purchase limit increased: 4 5
  • Beginner Titanium Steel purchase limit increased: 10 30
  • Intermediate Titanium Steel purchase limit increased: 5 20
  • Super Titanium Steel purchase limit reduced: ∞ 10


Unidentified Metal Shop

  • Lv.115 Accessory Random Box (1-2 Slot) purchase limit increased: 1 3
  • Lv.115 Accessory Selection Box (2 Slot) purchase limit increased: 1 3



Tune Tuna Season 2


OW's first ever event is back one year later for its second season!

To participate:

  1. Start fishing on any map; 
  2. After catching a tuna, check its size! (You can only see this using manual fishing);
  3. If you think the tuna you caught is the biggest, take a screenshot and submit it at #tune-tuna with your character ID until August 25th, 23:59 (server time);
  4. Please make sure your screenshot is high resolution and your nickname is visible;
  5. Each character ID can only submit one screenshot. If you caught a bigger tuna, delete your old screenshot and submit it again (do not edit);
  6. In case of a draw, the first person to submit the screenshot will be considered the winner;
  7. The top 5 tunas will receive the [Fish-eating Cat Backpack];
  8. The top 10 tunas will receive 5,000 Catnips (including the top 5);

The winners will be announced on August 30th.



Question of the Month

Why don't you increase card drop rates?

In ROO, each monster has a unique pool of possible drops. To individually change the drop rate of each card in the game, it would be necessary to review the pool of each monster and test them one by one. Considering that ROO has a few hundred cards, this job would require too much time, causing other changes and updates to be compromised.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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