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GM Drawing Contest


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Greetings, artists and art lovers!

At Origin World, we always seek to inspire you to create, explore, and have fun. We hope this event was as much of a fun experience for you as it was for us. It's incredible how a slight change of habit and a playful distraction can influence our mood for the better.

But let's get down to business, shall we?
First, the honorable mentions:


(Tap the image for a better view)


  • The first (from left to right) is Wafelia's (Wafel#0216) representation of the GM Judge. This beautiful drawing almost made it into our top 3. Our designer praised the contre-plongée choice of angle in the composition. According to him, it gave the character an aspect of superiority, suited to his position, but without seeming pretentious. Well-balanced and beautifully framed in the vertical.
  • Our beloved hoarder Koii (arby#9728) is the artist of our second honorable mention. The chibi-like composition is familiar to those who know Arby's style. The contrast between darker colors and a cute figure is incredibly well done. Only he could turn a grumpy Judge into a cute chibi.
  • This one could not be left out. Esme's (esm#3569) drawing made us laugh really hard while judging the submissions. The humor touch and a well-placed setting make this composition special for anyone who's played Origin World long enough. The only mistake is that the Judge has been sitting for over a year already.
  • Khaleesi's (Khaleesi#8908) representation of GM Anubis is gorgeous. It is well contextualized, has firm lines, and has an appealing appearance. We are sure that if the event was a bit longer, Khaleesi would be a strong candidate for the top 3.
  • We loved amidamaru's (amidamaru#6886) composition of Anubis. Although simple, it has personality and a well-defined setting within the game. The traditional pencil-paper way of drawing gave us nostalgia and a very unexpected recollection of the old days.
  • MintSwordie's (MintSwordie#3572) creation is full of references; it beautifully replicates the fun and friendly atmosphere of our server. The most impressive detail, however, is that it was made entirely using a mouse. Never play Gartic against MintSwordie.

Honorable mentions will receive 5,000 Catnips by July 31st.


Top 3

Most Beautiful


Artist: Aurenitta
Art commissions: altnoire#7246

Aurenita's creation is a delight for the eyes. All three GMs were represented beautifully, with the tower in the background against a starry sky, much like the one we find on Midgard late in the night. Thank you Aurenetta for this wonderful piece, and for giving us a new wallpaper.

Anubis: I really find this fantastic, so much so that I'm using it as wallpaper.

Iridescent: It's one of the most beautiful draws of RO I ever seen She was able to capture not only the characters but, it has an aura, a feeling that we can clearly notice in the draw.


Most Unexpected


Artist: Mushi
Art commissions: mushi#9365

Okay, first of all, I (Judge) am starting the "Tattoo it, Anubis" campaign. This piece needs to be immortalized. Mushi's creation shows Anubis, with his iconic headgear in a striking geometric blackwork style. The watercolor touch on the face makes everything even more beautiful, creating a contrast between black and colors. Unexpected; beautifully done, Mush.

Anubis: This art is more than a drawing, it's poetic.

Iridescent: It's not only beautiful, but artful. The techniques he used, the chosen way to display Anubis not as a Jackal but a man hinting us to be a berserker with a headgear of Anubis. I never expected to see something like this so it was truly unexpected.


The Funniest


Artist: React
Art commissions: Kimi#1071

React created an amusing cartoon of how Anubis was traumatized by his visit to the Tower. I must confess that this creation simulates very well what the Anubis event with the Tower was like. Hang in there, Anubis.

Anubis: Even though it seems like a simple art, it is very fun and we can spend a few moments noticing the richness in the details.

Iridescent: OMG that one IS funny. I laughed so much when I first saw it. Me hiding, leaving Anubis to Judge to carry, and Anubis passed out, the expressions in their faces, and capturing a a run from the Constellation Tower. Also it would be totally me to do something like that hahahahahahahaha


The top 3 will receive 25,000 Catnips by July 31st.

Every participant, except for winners, honorable mentions and disqualified submissions will receive 1,000 Catnips by July 31st.


List of submissions: https://sites.google.com/view/author-unknown/draw-the-gms-event 

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