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1st Anniversary - Memories of Origin


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Memories of Origin Event

Share with us one (or more) of your precious, funny, or lovely moments in Origin World.

It can be a text report, a screenshot, a photo, or a video. With your memory, leave your Nickname and Character ID in addition to a wish for the next year.

All participants will receive a unique and exclusive gift at the end of the month.

Please follow the model:

GM Judge (158424)


Screenshot taken during CBT, May 2021. The mouthpiece is part of our first easter egg, the code ILOVEJUDGE, found by the community six months after launch.

Wish: More black and white costumes please.




Join us on the 3rd of June at 22:00 (server time) for our birthday party. Every 7 minutes, players near the fountain of Prontera will receive an amazing gift.

  • When: June 3rd, 22:00 (server time)
  • Where: Prontera, near the fountain
  • Level requirements: Base level 20 or superior
  • Rewards: That's a secret for now
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Ukienawa 181329

I wish to have better card rate drops and please add catnips to ur events like HHH dailies Battlefied and most of all ARENA


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Conceited (140283)



Screenshot taken during the Holiday Prontera event! Thanks again for awesome gift/prizes!

-Better card drop rates for purple cards. (MVP/MINI cards may stay the same).
-Less lag during PvP events (WoE,Arena,Battlefield)  
-Nerf sinx grimtooth 



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Too good game, I started late but revived nostalgia. Hopefully there will be more events for those just starting out, so they at least stay close to those who have been playing for a long time


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ID: 38267 

Goodnight! Very happy with these 1 year of play, we went through many moments of joy, many MVP's killed, and many other monsters, I would like to thank the entire team involved for keeping the game, every day progressing a little more, and bringing a lot of news for us, I believe that the game still has much more potential, and it's only up to us players and your team! Thank you very much! And here are some screenshots throughout the game!




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Esme 181407

This one of the best ragnarok server i ever played. I wish to have More exciting events and costumes to come. The GM is very approachable. Thank you GM judge, Happy Anniversary 😍😍😍



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Dondi 180038

My first BP and MVP.


My wish to have a bug-less episode 7, more exciting events to come and nerf prof and grimtooth and I hope we get another year and more people to come and enjoy the game



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Schwii 194119


Pls make phreeoni sad :v

Anyways, thank you for listening to players and for making the game more fun! 🙂

We will continue to support the game as long as you're with us 🙂

Probably the best server I've played 🙂

Keep it up! More power Ragnarok World! 😄

Note: Nerf everyone buff schwii 😉




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Xiran (168069)


Screenshot taken during Valentine's Event, one of the ones I never got to submit because of the app not allowing you to save screenshots to the phone. 😅

Wish: I am wishing for this costume from NA official!


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