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Anniversary Update


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05-15-2022 • UPDATE

Anniversary Update

In our first year, Origin World was downloaded over 500k times. Over 150k unique players have ventured to Midgard at least once, killing more than 30b demons, and conquering 150k MVPs.

We've seen the birth of unique guilds and friendships, joked around in and out of the game, clashed with blades, and, sometimes, bare-handed on events like hide and seek. We smiled, screamed, and maybe cried, but we kept united as a family.

People often say that time flies by when you do what you love. I hope these 365 days have passed for you as quickly as they had for us. Thank you so much for being part of this story. May this be the first of many years of adventure. But let's talk about what matters, shall we?

For this update, we have a new Battle Pass (one that you've asked for ages) and lottery, new themed events, a new gathering (yes, like our Moonlight Gathering), event time changes, and much more.

Maintenance countdown: [0:10:15:56] Anniversary Update (tickcounter.com)
Expected downtime: 60 minutes

AUTHOR   [GM] Judge


Birthday Party


Every celebration deserves a party. Join us on the 3rd of June at 22:00 (server time) for our birthday party. Every 7 minutes, players near the fountain of Prontera will receive an amazing gift.

  • When: June 3rd, 22:00 (server time)
  • Where: Prontera, near the fountain
  • Level requirements: Base level 20 or superior
  • Rewards: That's a secret for now



New Battle Pass

Pineapple Battle Pass


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 07-15-2022

It's finally here! 🍍

Players who didn't have time to participate in GM Anubis' events, rejoice! It's your chance to acquire the sweet Pineapple Set. If you managed to unlock it before, however, we have a present for you:

  1. If you have claimed at least 3 parts of the Pineapple set before, you can claim this Battle Pass (Gold) in your account for free! Please write to us here (after the maintenance), informing your character ID (5 to 6-digit number in your character's profile) and which parts of the set you have.
  2. If you have unlocked the whole set before, reach us at the same link, and we'll give you one Battle Pass Gold Gift Code for free. The code can be gifted to a friend or used to unlock a future Battle Pass.
  3. The list of eligible Pineapple items is:
    • Pineapple Microphone;
    • Pineapple Pulp;
    • Pineapple Beverage;
    • Pineapple Guitar;
    • Tropical Vibe;
    • Pineapple Headset, Pineapple Sticker and Pineapple Glasses are not eligible for this promotion.
  4. You can still exchange not used Pineapple Stickers until 05-31-2022 at 23:59 (server time).



New Events

Autumn Lottery Festival



Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 07-15-2022

Judge is already in the festive mood! Grab your balloons in the lottery with one of the cutest sets in the game, and join the party!

Pro tip: The wings from our previous lottery is a match made in heaven for this new costume.

Important: Similar to the previous lottery, this also needs 5 [Love Candy] to work. In RO Shop > Popular Items, you will find the [Love Candy] needed for the event, in addition to the [Maple Leaf] that you use to unlock items in the lottery. That is, you need 5 [Love Candies] to activate the lottery draw button + X [Maple Leaf] that is consumed every time you draw a prize. Be careful not to recycle the [Maple Leaf] or other event items into [Zeny].

Demonstrative Video


Additional Items:


  • Fire Spirit Pet
    • Collect 200 [Heart of Flame] to craft the pet.


  • Monsoon Commander’s Hat
    • Collect 6 [Monsoon Commander’s Hat Fragment] to craft the hat.


15 Days Check-in Gift (Anniversary Edition)


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

For our anniversary 15 Days Check-in Gift, we focused on an event that would deliver more value to our players at an even better price. Here you'll find chests for Word Collection event, which offer unique cosmetics and growth items, as well as a variety of items to boost your character's strength.

  • Premium Sign-in cost: $7.49 $3.99 / R$37,49 R$15,99
  • How to top-up? Please contact the Agent closest to your region. You can also find them in our Guilded's #top-up channel. They are authorized re-sellers.



  • Day 1 (Free): 1 [Advanced Lubricant];
  • Day 1 (Premium): 3 [Precious Card Fragment];
  • Day 2 (Premium): 1 [Titanium Steel];
  • Day 7 (Free): 1 [Purple Weapon Selection Time-Space Card Book (7 days)]
  • Day 7 (Premium): 1 [Purple Weapon Selection Time-Space Card Book (7 days)];
  • Day 9 (Free): 1 [Super Material Custom Chest];
  • Day 9 (Premium): 3 [Super Material Custom Chest];
  • Day 10 (Premium): 3 [Precious Card Fragment];
  • Day 11 (Free): 1 [Titanium Steel];
  • Day 11 (Premium): 1 [Titanium Steel];
  • Day 13 (Free): 1 [Precious Card Fragment];
  • Day 13 (Premium): 3 [Precious Card Fragment];
  • Day 14 (Free): 1 [Damage Enhancement Card Selection Pack (Bound)]
  • Day 14 (Premium): 1 [MINI Time-limited Card Custom Album (15 days)];
  • Day 15 (Premium): 1 [Star Sparkler] (mouth piece);


  • The promotion is valid from 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022 at 05:00 (server time);
  • Promotional codes will stop working after the event expires;


Butter Revelry


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

Use your magic cake to splash butter on other players in this Bomberman-like minigame!!! You may participate as many times as you’d like, your rewards are capped at 3 times a day. You will earn points and rewards based on the match result! Talk to Ais to check the ranking! Only your highest score is recorded.


Word Redemption


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

  1. Killing demons of similar level will drop "오", "리", "진" up to 30 characters a day.
  2. Killing demons wearing a birthday hat as a chance of dropping celebration gift boxes up to 8 a day
  3. "축" and "제" can be randomly drawn out of events special boxes, such as the Butter Revelry and the 15 Days Check-in Gift.


Pro tip: Prioritize cosmetic items first. If you're patient enough, keep the characters in your backpack for a while before deciding how to spend them. Never open the character boxes before deciding your course of action.


Lucky Tree

Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

This is your chance to equip your pet or acquire an Pet for a lower cost.

  1. Spend a number of Wishing Flowers to draw items from the lottery pool;
  2. Each time you draw an item, if you don’t get the grand prize, you gain 10 LUK. When you have 100 LUK, your next draw is guaranteed to give you the grand prize;
  3. After you draw the grand prize, your LUK is reset to 0;
  4. The number limit of daily draws is reset at 05:00;
  5. From 06-01-2022 to 06-07-2022, our #EveryDayRewards will give 5 [Wishing Flower] along with 3 [Combat Acceleration Candy];

Important: Due to a missing texture in our client, this event lacks a background.


Malangdo Bumper Harvest Festival


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-15-2022

The golden autumn is the time of harvest. This time, the Meow Meows from Malangdo brought even more supplies to the players as gifts.


Desire For Combat


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-15-2022

Every daily reset, players get an additional 60-minute Combat Time and 60-minute Freya Blessing during the event duration.

  • Not consumed Combat Time or Freya Blessing are lost after the daily reset;


Battle Buffet (Anniversary Edition)


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-15-2022

During the event, killing demons has a chance of dropping Anniversary Steak and the Anniversary Pudding. Steaks heals part of your HP instantaneously, while the Pudding, SP.


Time-Space Wanderer


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

The Mythic questline has 5 chapters. A new chapter is unlocked every 10 days, and every completed sub-chapter gives you different rewards, including the exquisite [3D Glasses]! Complete all missions to unlock the following set, but note:

  • Each set of missions is unlocked on a set date: 05-15, 05-25, 06-05, 06-15. You can't access them before the day;
  • Collect the rewards before the event ends or you may only get them when they come to the Fashion Exclusive Shop;
  • This is a one-time event. If you have completed it before, you can participate again, but you won't be able to claim its rewards;


Special Job Benefits

Events duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-30-2022

  • Crusader Benefits
  • Monk Benefits
  • Bard & Dancer Benefits
  • Alchemist Benefits
  • Sage Benefits

With the arrival of newcomers from ROO Asia, we've decided to temporarily reactivate class perk events to give these players a helping hand in their progression.


My Precious (Special Event)


Event duration: 05-15-2022 to 06-15-2022

During the event, killing demons of similar levels you have a small chance of dropping Precious Card Fragments! Sharpen your blades; it's time to grind. 🗡️



RO Shop

Discounted Packs


  • Anniversary Blessing Gift Box I added
    • Price: 988 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 1,000 [Catnip]
      • 100,000 [Zeny]
      • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel] (aka Core-R)
      • 100 [Level 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment]
      • 20 [Precious Card Fragment]
      • 20 [Mythic Crystal Custom Reliquary]
      • 1 [D-type Bound Blueprint Selectable Gift]
      • 50 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
    • Purchase limit: 1
  • No, you didn't read the price wrong. 😉 


  • Anniversary Blessing Gift Box II added
    • Price: 6,916 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 120 [Refinement Enchantment Grinding Gift Box]
      • 30 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
      • 2 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
      • 50 [Yggdrasil Berry]
      • 5 [Advanced Card Gacha]
      • 5 [Pet Surprise Box]
      • 3,000,000 [Copper Coin]
    • Purchase limit: 3


  • Anniversary Blessing Gift Box III added
    • Price: 6,916 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 100 [Bradium]
      • 100 [Carnium]
      • 10 [Legendary Gemstone Custom Pack]
      • 200 [Mora Coin]
      • 20 [Rare Confinement Stone]
      • 30 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
      • 3 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
      • 1 [Super Titanium Steel]
    • Purchase limit: 5


Gift Shop (Anniversary Edition)


  • Celebration Login Gift Box
    • Price: Free
    • Content:
      • 4 [Torn Skill Paper Piece]
      • 10 [Spirit Dew]
      • 3 [Super Cookie]
      • 10 [Lotus Dew]
      • 2 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • Purchase limit: 1/week


  • Celebration Return Gift Box
    • Price: 50,000 Zennies
    • Content:
      • 4 [Torn Skill Paper Piece]
      • 30 [Reputation Box]
      • 10 [Super Cookie]
      • 20 [Advanced Cookie]
      • 20 [Blessed Ore Selection Bag]
      • 5 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
    • Purchase limit: 3/week


  • Celebration Enchantment Gift Box
    • Price: 750 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 300 [Mora Coin]
      • 50 [Enchantment Token Ticket]
      • 7 [Rare Confinement Stone]
      • 15 [Advanced Confinement Stone]
      • 3 [Enchantment Stone]
    • Purchase limit: 3/week


  • Celebration Cogwheel Gift Box
    • Price: 1,250 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 10 [Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha]
      • 25 [Bradium]
      • 25 [Carnium]
      • 2 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] (aka Core-R Fragment)
      • 10 [Mystery Shop Refresh Ticket]
      • 20 [Spirit Dew]
      • 10 [Lotus Dew]
      • 5 [Precious Card Fragment]
    • Purchase limit: 3/week


  •  Celebration Growth Gift Box
    • Price: 1,850 Catnips
    • Content:
      • 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel] (aka Core-R)
      • 10 [Gear Forging Upgrade Chest I]
      • 5 [Purple Card Gem]
      • 3 [Super Material Custom Chest]
      • 5 [Advanced Titanium Steel]
      • 3 [Dimik Cogweel Upgrade Chest]
      • 30 [Spirit Dew]
    • Purchase limit: 2



Fashion Redemption Shop


NPC: Isabel (Prontera)


  • Baseball Outfit Fashion Gift Box added
    • Price: 1,350 Strange Fashion Coins + 250,000 Zennies
    • Content:
      • Cool Baseball Cap
      • Athletic Sun Hat
      • Baseball Sticker
      • Baseball Bat Back
      • Baseball Uniform
      • Title - Baseball Mania


  • Rabbit Beard added
    • Price: 300 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zennies


  • Angled Glasses added
    • Price: 250 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zennies


  • Fluffy Rabbit Bonnet added
    • Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zennies


  • Volunteer Baseball Hat added
    • Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zennies


  • Volunteer Baseball Outfit added
    • Price: 600 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zennies


  • Delicious Strawberry Pancake added
    • Price: 50 Strange Fashion Coins + 30,000 Zennies


  • Delicious Mysterious Pancake added
    • Price: 50 Strange Fashion Coins + 30,000 Zennies
  • Pineapple Headset removed
  • Delicious Cacao Pancake's purchase limit changed: 1 → 2
  • Delicious Egg Yolk Pancake's purchase limit changed: 1 → 2
  • Delicious Taro Pancake's purchase limit changed: 1 → 2
  • Delicious Osmanthus Pancake's purchase limit changed: 1 → 2



Recruitment Shop


NPC: Sprakki (Prontera South Gate)


  • Strange Fashion Coin added
    • Price: 1 Recruitment Coin
    • Purchase limit: N/A


  • Mysterious Cogwheel  Gacha added
    • Price: 150 Recruitment Coins
    • Purchase limit: 10



Headgear Redeem


NPC: Iverrios (Alberta)


  • Milly's Pancake Platter added
    • Required materials:
      • 1 [Delicious Strawberry Pancake] 
      • 1 [Delicious Cacao Pancake]
      • 1 [Delicious Egg Yolk Pancake]
      • 1 [Delicious Taro Pancake]
      • 1 [Delicious Osmanthus Pancake]
      • 1 [Delicious Mysterious Pancake]
      • 3,000,000 [Copper Coin]




Special Codes


    • Content: 365 [Catnip]


    • Content: 1 [Poring Star Strawberry Cookie]


Synthesis (aka Crafting)

  • Bloody Branch added
    • Required materials: 5 [Dead Branch]



  • Improved English and Portuguese translations.




New Special Deal


  • 15,000 Catnips
    • Suggested price: $17.99 / R$71,99
  • Special Deals can only be claimed once per character;
  • To top-up, check our Top-up Agents here or in our Guilded's #top-up channel;
  • This Deal is only available after our maintenance update;



Laboratory (Beta)
Beta settings may not function properly. Bugs are to be expected.

Daily Events


  • Hordor Dreamland's starting time adjusted: 18:00-20:00 → 06:00-22:00
  • Extreme Challenge's starting time adjusted: 20:30-22:00 → 06:00-22:00



The Chronicles of Origin World

Our reporter Bambi interviewed players about the myth Cursed Mist buff:

For more, check The Chronicles of Origin World website.

This website is community-administrated and does not reflect the opinion of the staff.



Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard.

Freya bless you,

[GM] Judge


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