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    Event suggestion

    right, since I've never seen you do anything like that and it wasn't even listed in the event guide I didn't know. I'll see if I can think of something later, thanks for the feedback.
  2. dayvson

    Event suggestion

    Anubis asks: A question and answer event. You send an announcement summoning players to a certain map, followed by a notice with the waiting time, 1 minute for example so they can head to the location and study. After the time is up, you start the event by asking the questions through the proximity chat, so as not to generate turmoil in the general chat and the players must also answer there too, the first to answer correctly would win, you can ask several questions on a single map. You can ask questions like: What is the name of the monsters on the map? Which element of the monsters on the map? How many npc are on the map? And many others related to the location.
  3. dayvson

    Event suggestion

    Battle of Pies: You could adapt the system of Battle of Pies that takes place during the guild feast in a PvP arena, where you would have 19 bakers playing turns one of the other until there is only one baker standing.
  4. could you update the Monster Doll select gift pack, to add the new monsters
  5. I'm glad they brought bingo again, but I think the amount of numbers you can get daily should be limited, like 5 a day, and having numbers that you could only get by participating in the events made by the GMs would force greater interaction between the players, if that works maybe you don't make it a fixed event.